Suprema Mobile Credential

A simpler way for more convenience
With Suprema Mobile Credential, use their smartphone as a credential to access doors, gates, networks, and more. This solution for access control significantly improves user convenience and support 3rd party controller easier way.


Extreme performance with two technologies.
NFC and BLE.
Suprema Mobile Credential supports modern mobile communication technologies which are both NFC and BLE.
These two technologies enabled at the background and foreground to communicate with the device seamlessly.
Secure your data at every single point.
Everything about mobile credential is engineered to protect your data.
Suprema Mobile Credential protect your data with ISO 27001 certified system architecture; data encryption in the mobile portal,
secure communication between mobile portal and smartphone, store the data in the keychain, mobile credential data validation.
The technology behind simplicity.
The innovative system structure works to issue a mobile credential in an instant.
Working with Mobile Portal and Suprema devices, it provides seamless customer experience without the third-party portal or readers.
Suprema's In-app SDK also helps to integrate your own app with the mobile credential.
Only a few steps away from the future
You can issue a mobile credential easily through Mobile Credential Portal.
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