FaceStation F2
FaceStation F2
 Fusion Multimodal Terminal
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Thermal camera
Suprema Thermal Camera FaceStation 2 with Temperature Detection
  • ㆍMeasurement Accuracy Enhanced by Suprema Algorithm
  • ㆍIntuitive GUI for Notification
  • ㆍEasy Deployment via USB Interface
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The best decision to protect
your business


Suprema’s biometric time and attendance solution is tailored to fulfill the dynamic demands of the construction industry. Powered by the world’s best facial recognition technology and loads of industry-specific features, Suprema is a renowned expert in the construction industry and construction site management. More

Data Center

Powered by Suprema’s world-leading biometrics, our distributed access control solution offers unrivaled reliability, flexibility, and enhanced management from the server racks to the lobby. More


Our solution provides state-of-the-art biometric access control solutions to hospitals and healthcare institutions around the world. Based on our expertise in the healthcare industry, Suprema provides a secure, flexible and advanced solution to meet challenging needs from the healthcare facilities. More


Operating a commercial office facility means ensuring the necessary safety processes and convenience. Suprema provides a comprehensive range of secure, reliable and convenient access control features to the modern office environment. More


With security as the highest priority, enables operators of infrastructure to monitor all restricted sectors. The integration of third-party systems, such as video surveillance, provides additional options to enhance security measures. With our proven expertise in highly secured property protection, Suprema served major critical infrastructure facilities over the world. Our solution goes far beyond access control to address complex layers of critical infrastructures. More


When it comes to manufacturing facilities, operational efficiency, safety, and health regulatory compliance are the key measures. With our industry-leading biometrics, mobile credentialing and network security technologies, Suprema provides highly-secure, scalable and cost-effective access control solutions for modern manufacturing facilities. More
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