4 Door Access
Control Kit

Complete Access Control Solution

Suprema CoreStation 4 Door Access Control Kit is an intelligent door controller which provides the advantages of a biometric-enabled security over a centralized access control system. Designed to accommodate enterprise-level systems, the CoreStation can store up to 500,000 users with an incredible fingerprint matching speed of up to 400,000 match/sec. With its high-performance, biometric readiness, Ethernet communication, CoreStation is also capable of offering the full features of the BioStar2 platform.


All-In-One Kit

  • Contains devices necessary to secure 4 doors

  • Compatible with multiple credentials
    (Card, PIN, Biometric, Mobile Access Card)


  • Provides complimentary access control software of ‘BioStar 2’ (up to 5 doors)

  • 1 month free subscription for devices with unlimited Mobile Access Cards or free Mobile Access Cards (50units)

Easy to Install

  • Easy network settings, easy to check status of device connections and input/output with the onboard CoreStation Setup Manager

  • Easy to control via BioStar 2 platform


Category Items Unit Description
Access Control Software BioStar 2 (Starter) - Web-based open integrated security platform providing complimentary access control (up to 5 doors)
Access Control Panel CoreStation (CS-40) 1 Intelligent biometric controller
(expandable up to 132 doors)
Suprema Mobile Access Card
(2 Options Available)
Mobile Dynamic Card - 1 month free subscription with unlimited numbers of Mobile Aceess Card issuance
Mobile Regular Card 50 Free Mobile Access Cards
(4 Options Available)
XPass D2 (XPD2-MDB) 4 Mullion RFID reader
XPass D2 (XPD2-GDB) 4 Gangbox RFID reader
XPass D2 (XPD2-GKDB) 4 Gangbox RFID reader with a number keypad
BioEntry R2 (BER2-OD) 4 Fingerprint & RFID reader
(Mobile Access Cards are not available)

* All RFID readers above support the following formats: 125kHz EM/Prox & 13.56 MHz MIFARE, MIFARE Plus, DESFire EV1/EV2, Felica


4 door kit configuration


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    Product Images
    CoreStation 4 Door Access Control Kit Image (High Res)
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    Product Images
    CoreStation 4 Door Access Control Kit Image (Low Res)
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    CoreStation 4 Door Kit Brochure EN
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