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Blogs & Articles March 15, 2021

Physical Security Industry is Changing with Industry 4.0

We encounter AI with increasing frequency, both online and in the media. AI has penetrated deep into various aspects of our lives, from TV sets that improve picture quality using AI, or air conditioners with automatic temperature and humidity control, to investment management services that predict return rates.

Blogs & Articles February 23, 2021


Last month, we spoke to Suprema UK & Ireland’s leader, Jamie McMillen about his career in the security industry and the fundamental rise of Biometric Technology as a game-changing solution within the sector. Jamie offered us his insights into the developments of this technology and the marketplace over the last 20 years since Suprema was born. We discussed the relative speed with which COVID has fast-forwarded acceptance of these newer access control methods, along with the pitfalls and knee jerk reactions he has observed, particularly since March 2020.



Suprema Connect is an online virtual event featuring Suprema contactless solutions with a new product showcase and live sessions for discussions on highlighted products and VODs of Suprema experts' perspectives.

Customer Stories

[Korea] Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co.,Ltd(KHNP)

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) is a subsidiary of the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). It operates large nuclear and hydroelectric plants in South Korea, which are responsible for about 30% of the country's electric power supply. Nuclear power plants are classified as 'A'-level national important facilities in Korea similar to the Blue House Executive Residence and the Korean National Assembly Building. In order to safely manage and operate nuclear materials and nuclear facilities, physical security protection is strictly managed in accordance with the Protection of Nuclear Facilities, Radiation and Disaster Preventi on Act. KHNP was in need of a fully redundant system that should provide enhanced performance while still being able to interoperate with existing equipment. In addition, the new system had to meet the strict guidelines for security requirements presented by the National Intelligence Servi


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