Suprema Mobile Access

Suprema Contactless Solution with Mobile

Suprema Mobile Access allows you to use your own smartphone as a key to access doors, facilities, and more. By using your smartphone as a credential, managing and using an access card becomes easier, faster, and safer.

Let’s take a step forward to a new generation.
Access sites with your smartphone
like using physical cards.
Cost reduction
Save cost of issuing cards and
maintenance in comparison to
physical cards.
Secure management
Revoke Mobile Access and
restrict access permission
when a smartphone is lost.


Contactless Mobile Solution
You don’t need to carry an access card with you. Just tap your smartphone on a RFID reader and the door will be open for you.
It works when the smartphone is within a distance of 10 cm.
With Suprema’s exclusive technology, it works without waking up your smartphone.

* The function may differ depending on the mode you selected.
Remote & Online Management
Issuing and revoking a credential becomes a lot easier. The entire process goes online. Suprema Mobile Access shortens the period
of issuing cards by directly sending you a download link for an app
via email. Once you get the link, tap it and install the app on your smartphone. As you use your own smartphone as a credential,
it reduces the risk of loss and maintenance expenses on purchasing or replacing physical cards.
Remember, it is not a physical card, which means it is perfectly environmentally friendly.
Proven Security Performance
With Suprema’s exclusive security solutions, entire process is protected by ISO 27001 certified system architecture. Users are less likely to handle over their smartphones, so it prevents unauthorized person from entering your property.
Extreme Performance with Two Technologies,
NFC and BLE.
Suprema Mobile Access supports both NFC and BLE for full compatibility with various types of smartphones. These two technologies enabled at the background and foreground to communicate with a RFID reader seamlessly. With Suprema’s enhanced technology, Suprema Mobile Access prevents unintentional openings by controlling BLE communication distance, allowing authentication times of less than a second.
The Easiest Way
to Start Mobile Access,
Airfob Patch
To start Suprema Mobile Access without replacing card readers, simply attach Suprema Airfob Patch to existing card readers. Suprema Airfob Patch enables communication between RF card readers and Mobile Access Cards by converting Bluetooth signal to RF card signal. The innovative patch-on device charges itself by harvesting energy from RF field signals.
Setting up Suprema Mobile Access
on your smartphone
  • 1 Click a link received via email and install the Suprema Airfob Pass app on your smartphone.
  • 2 After finishing settings on Suprema Airfob Pass, tap your smartphone on a RFID reader.

* 50 complimentary Mobile Acess Cards are given upon registration. (Only for Regular Type)

Suprema Mobile Access Tutorials

Get your smartphone ready for
Suprema Mobile Access
Integrated Mobile Access Management
Working with Suprema Airfob Portal and Suprema devices, it provides seamless customer experience without the third-party portal or readers. Suprema's In-App SDK also helps to integrate your own app with the mobile access card.



Network Bluetooth 4.2 or later, NFC
Security ISO 27001 certified
Encryption AES-256, Host card emulation (HCE)
Distance/range ~10 cm (It may differ depending on smartphones)
Supported smartphones iOS 7.0 or later, Android 9.0 or later

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