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Here at Suprema, we believe in protecting the environment for the future. Therefore, we have started the movement by saving materials where we feel that are not necessary. As the first step, we have removed product CDs from the product boxes. Instead, we would like to offer a latest updated version of BioStar software from our site.
BioStar 1.93
  • Version No.:
  • Release Date: Dec 11, 2017
What's New in BioStar V1.93
  • 1.1. Supports the image log import for virtual device(BioStation T2, FaceStation)
  • 1.2. Supports the Unlock Time and Lock Time for BioStation 2, BioStation A2, BioStation L2, and BioEntryW2
  • 1.3. Supports BioMini Plus 2
  • 1.4. Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express
  • 1.5. Improves user export in the Manage Users in Device dialog (Export all page or current page)
  • 1.6. Improves user transfer speed for FaceStation

Bug Fixes

Refer to the revision notes

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