Solution overview

Operating a commercial office facility means ensuring the necessary safety, controlling processes optimally and offering the highest possible level of convenience coupled with maximum efficiency. Suprema BioStar 2 provides a comprehensive range of secure, reliable and convenient access control features to a modern office environment. From smaller offices to multi-site corporations, Suprema delivers bespoke access control security solutions to meet dynamic needs from system integrators, installers, and end-users.

Industry demands

  • Easier system operation with minimal training
  • Stringent access control policy to highly secured areas
  • Integration with video surveillance and alarm system
  • Sophisticated visitor management system
  • Alarm and alert function during out-of-office hours and for secured areas
  • Choice of credentials including biometrics and smartphones
  • Lower total cost of ownership over time
  • Elevator access control
  • Integrated time and attendance

Solution scenario

Solution features

  • Easy operation with a complete visitor management

    • Intuitive GUI to require minimal training
    • Manages up to 128 access groups and 1,000 access readers
    • Full integration support with existing visitor management software and badging applications
    • Extensive audit trail reporting
  • Elevator access control

    • Fully configurable elevator access control (OM-120)
    • Controls up to 192 floors per elevator unit
    • Choice of credentials including fingerprint, RF cards(125kHz, 13.56MHz) and mobile
    • Fire alarm & APB configurable
  • Biometric access control for highly secured areas

    • Multi-factor authentication with any combination of fingerprint, face, RF card and/or PIN
    • World’s best performing fingerprint and facial recognition technologies
    • Flexibility in system design differentiating authentication methods from the strict high-security access points to public areas
  • Mobile identification, biometrics, and more

    • Mobile credential support (NFC, BLE)
    • Biometrics: fingerprint, face
    • 125kHz cards: EM, HID Prox
    • 13.56MHz: MIFARE, DESFire, Felica
    • PIN
  • Video surveillance integration

    • 2-way video surveillance integration available
      • 1. video footage stored on BioStar 2 server
      • 2. access events delivered to VMS along with camera and access point locations
    • Real-time video footage delivering to administrators when pre-defined events occur
    • Full SDK and API support to enhance seamless integration to your existing video security systems
  • Distributed topology for the shared office environment

    • Eliminate cabling complexity over partitions
    • Less cabling and intelligent readers to maximize scalability over facility expansion and unoccupied sections
    • Fully configurable access zones, user privileges, access groups

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