BioStar 2 Overview

Web-based Open Integrated Security Platform

BioStar 2 is a web-based, open, and integrated security platform that provides comprehensive functionality for access control and time & attendance. Featuring a modular, flexible framework, the platform supports both the BioStar 2 Device SDK which is used to integrate Suprema's terminals with thirdparty systems and web APIs which are used to integrate the functionality of the BioStar 2 platform with third-party systems. In addition, in step with the mobile era, the mobile app for BioStar 2 has been designed to enable you not only to remotely control the BioStar 2 platform but also to get a mobile card issued to you for use.


Visitor Management
Supports for application and approval of visits and set up visitable areas using the Visitor Management Portal
Flexible System Architecture
Supports both centralized and distributed systems and can thereby provide the optimal system.
Optimal Access Control Solution
Supports all access control features such as door/elevator/zone control, graphic map, server matching, video logs, image logs, and audit trail
Flexible Time & Attendance Management Solution
You can set various work rules and create personalized time & attendance reports, and timesheet calendar view and setting fixed/flexible/floating shift are also supported.
Video Logs Support
Any event that occurs at a door is recorded with an NVR and IP camera and can be monitored.
Remote Control and Mobile Cards
Provides user registration, real-time alarm, and door control in the BioStar 2 Mobile app and also supports mobile card authentication.
System Integration Support
Supports both platform integration based on RESTful Web APIs and SDK-based hardware integration (BioStar 2 API, BioStar 2 Device SDK).

Platform Module


Access Control Licenses 1)
Items Starter (free of charge) Basic Standard Advanced Professional Enterprise
Access Control No. of Doors 5 20 50 100 300 1,000
Maximum No. of Connected Devices 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Maximum No. of Access Levels 2,048 2,048 2,048 2,048 2,048 2,048
Maximum No. of Access Groups 2,048 2,048 2,048 2,048 2,048 2,048
Maximum No. of Access Groups per User 16 16 16 16 16 16
Maximum No of Access Levels per Access Group 128 128 128 128 128 128
Access Group Auto Sync v v v v v v
Users Maximum No. of Cards per User 8 8 8 8 8 8
Maximum No. of Fingerprints per User 10 10 10 10 10 10
User Auto Sync v v v v v v
Access-on-Card v v v v v v
Security Credential Cards v v v v v v
iCLASS Seos Card v v v v v v
Inactivation User Reports v v v v v v
Custom Field v v v v v v
Elevator Control Elevator - - - v v v
Maximum No. of Floors per Elevator - - - 192 192 192
Maximum No. of Floor Levels - - - 2,048 2,048 2,048
Zones Anti-Passback △(Door) △(Door) v v v v
Fire Alarm - - v v v v
Schedule Lock/Unlock - - v v v v
Intrusion Alarm Zone - - v v v v
Interlock Zone - - v v v v
Muster Zone - - v v v v
Advanced Features Dashboard v v v v v v
Cloud - - v v v v
Local API Server v v v v v v
Server Matching - - - v v v
Audit Trail v v v v v v
Daylight Saving Time v v v v v v
Dual Authentication v v v v v v
Monitoring Graphic Map - - - v v v

1) The license table applies from BioStar 2.7.10. Please contact your local distributor or manufacturer for a license for BioStar 2.7 or lower.

Time & Attendance Management Licenses
Items Starter (free of charge) Standard Advanced Professional
No. of Users 100 500 1,000 Unlimited
Video Log Licenses
Items Starter (free of charge) Video License
Video Logs - v
Visitor Management License
Items Starter (free of charge) Visitor License
Visitor Management - v


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