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Suprema Certified Integration - Software House C∙CURE9000

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Tyco International’s Software House® C•CURE 9000® security and event management system transcends traditional access control through convergence and systems interoperability. C•CURE 9000 provides greater situational awareness by integrating core access control functionality with a wide variety of business applications using Microsoft® .NET v3.5 standard IT tools and processes.

Suprema middleware for Software House C∙CURE9000

Suprema Integration with Software House C·CURE 9000 aims to provide you with the right tools to leverage biometric authentication to your new or existing site managed by C·CURE 9000. All the power of the Suprema Devices Biometrics and Credentials available right from the Personnel View in C·CURE 9000 allows you to easily enroll cards, fingerprints, and facial credentials from one place. Optimizing the registration and enrollment processes delivering efficiency and time saving.

Features and Benefits

Enable Biometrics Use RFID cards, PINs, and QR code as well as fingerprint and face as credentials.
Easy User Management Enroll face and fingerprint data directly from C∙CURE9000
Easy Management Real-time user data synchronization among Suprema BioStar 2, Suprema devices and C∙CURE9000
Advanced features
(*Advanced license required)
1. Pre-enrollment
- People can pre-enroll their face through link emailed from C∙CURE9000
- Operator can use Profile image from C∙CURE9000 as face template.

2. Clearance based cardholder synchronization

3. Supports C∙CURE9000 Visitor QR

System Configuration

Suprema Certified Integration Software House C∙CURE9000 System Configuration

Integration Details

Compatible System

  • C∙CURE9000 v2.90, v3.0 or later
  • Suprema middleware for Software House C∙CURE 9000

Supported Device List

  • Face Devices:

    BioStation 3, FaceStation F2

  • Fingerprint Devices:

    BioStation2a, BioStation L2, Biolite N2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2

  • RF Devices :

    X-Station 2, XPass 2

Middleware License

  • Basic:

    SUP-BS2 / Server , SUP-READ-N / device

  • Advanced:

    SUP-BS2-ADV / Server, SUP-READ-N-ADV / device

  • BioStar 2 license (based on the no. of the doors)



  • Software House integration
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