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Suprema Integration with Paxton Net2

Paxton designs and manufactures market-leading security solutions for a range of buildings. Around 25,000 buildings each year are secured globally with Paxton products. Paxton has employees in 12 countries and exports to over 60 countries worldwide.

Solution description

Solution Name: Paxton Net2

Suprema Integration with Paxton Net2 allows customers to add Suprema’s face and fingerprint recognition devices to the Paxton Net2 Access Control System, expanding the range of credentials from RFID cards and PINs to include biometrics. The Integration is seamless, enabling Net2 customers to expand the range of credentials to include biometrics and utilize the full functionality of Suprema devices such as device search, addition and firmware upgrades.

Solution Key Features

Enable Biometrics Use fingerprint and face as credentials on top of RFID cards and PINs supported by Paxton Net2.
Easy User Management Real-time user data synchronization between Suprema Integration and Paxton Net2.
Easy Enrollment Enroll user’s face and fingerprint data directly from Net2 software or Suprema devices which will be polled to the server.
Enterprise-level Configuration Connect and manage up to 1,000 biometric devices.

What is needed

To implement this integration, you need:

  • Paxton Net2 Access Control: v6.01.8319.4827
  • Suprema Integration with Paxton Net2
  • BioStar 2- integration_Net2 license
  • Suprema Devices

Compatible Access Control Devices:

  • FaceStation F2, FaceStation 2, FaceLite, BioStation 2, BioStation A2, BioStation L2, BioLite N2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioMini Plus 2

System Configuration


  • Milestone Integration
    582.07 KB
  • Milestone Integration
    Installation Package v1.021
    12.01 MB
  • Milestone Integration
    Setup Guide
    1,013.46 KB
  • Paxton Integration
    Brochure EN
    937.59 KB
  • Paxton Integration
    Brochure DE
    1.06 MB
  • Paxton Integration
    Installation Package v1.04
    224.25 MB
  • Paxton Integration
    Administrator Guide v1.04
    3.68 MB
  • Nedap Integration
    876.91 KB
  • Nedap Integration
    Installation Package v1.1.1.3
    9.22 MB
  • Nedap Integration
    Setup Guide
    3.71 MB
  • Nx Witness Integration
    Installation Package v1.0
    76.39 MB
  • Nx Witness Integration
    Administrator Guide
    1.02 MB
  • Genetec Integration
    Installation Package v1.01.35
    900.72 MB
  • Genetec Integration
    Administrator Guide
    5.86 MB

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