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Suprema Integration with Nedap AEOS

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Nedap is a global industry leader in security and electronic control devices. Nedap develops and supplies solutions for Identification systems, Mobility solutions, Library solutions, Light controls, Livestock management, Retail, Security management, Staffing solutions and Healthcare.

Solution description

Solution Name: Nedap AEOS

Suprema Integration with Nedap AEOS is a plug-in that integrates Suprema biometric devices with the Nedap AEOS system, allowing to manage biometric credentials directly from AEOS.
Now, experience more powerful and accurate access control and time attendance on AEOS system with your true identity.

Solution Key Features

Enable Biometrics In the AEOS system, not only the RFID but also fingerprints and face are available as credentials.
It is able to register 10 fingerprints, 5 face templates, 2 visual face templates per person.
Easy Enrollment and Management Provides a biometric enrollment page directly within the AEOS system. You can enroll and manage biometric credentials without any other enrollment software.
Network Protection Reduce the risk of network intrusion in HTTPS environments with secure digital certificates.
Enterprise-level Configuration Allows the connect and manage up to 1,000 Suprema biometric devices.

What is needed

To implement this integration, you need:

  • Nedap AEOS Access Control: AEOS 2020.1 or higher
  • Suprema Integration with Nedap AEOS
  • Suprema Integration with Nedap AEOS license
  • Suprema Devices

Compatible Suprema Devices:

  • Fingerprint Devices: BioStation 2, BioStation A2, BioStation L2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2
  • Face Devices: FaceStation 2, FaceLite, FaceStation F2
  • RFID Devices: XPass 2

System Configuration

suprema integration nedap system configuration


  • Nedap Integration
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