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BioStar 2 Integration for Milestone XProtect

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Milestone Systems is a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software, founded in 1998 and now operating as a stand-alone company in the Canon Group. Milestone technology is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations, providing flexible choices in network hardware and integrations with other systems. Milestone solutions help organizations to manage risks, protect people and assets, optimize processes and reduce costs.

Solution description

Solution Name: Milestone XProtect Series

This integration is based on Suprema’s BioStar 2 server and enables operators to display the access control events and alarm on the XProtect Smart Client. With the full features of BioStar 2, XProtect VMS creates a comprehensive access control solution. Furthermore, by coupling video and access control events, operators can control cameras and view real-time video and recorded video from one easy-to-use interface.

Solution Key Features

Access Control Management and administration for users, doors, zones, and elevators with XProtect Smart Client
Event Log Management View live and historical access control events from within Milestone software and allows the operator to search for historical events with a range of parameters.
Alarm Management Acknwledge the acces control alarm of BioStar 2 in XProtect Smart Client.
Remote Door Control Remote control the dors to unlock, lock and release the alarm.
Virtual Map Open and close the doors through the Maps function of the XProtect Smart Client.

What is needed

To implement this integration, you need

  • Milestone XProtect Professional+ 2017 R2 or higher version
  • Suprema BioStar 2.4.1 or higher version
  • Suprema BioStar 2 Integration plugin installation
  • Suprema Devices

Compatible Suprema Devices

  • Available for all devices compatible with BioStar 2


  • License (two different license from Milestone is required)

    XProtect professional license (general)

    XProtect access license (per door)

System Configuration


  • Milestone Integration
    582.07 KB

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