Solution overview

Security measures in protecting critical infrastructures have been evolved and, in the global scope, legislations continue to be strengthened over time. From, With proven expertise in highly secured property protection, Suprema served major critical infrastructure facilities including nuclear power plants, water treatment facilities, and petrochemical plants over the world. Suprema solutions go far beyond access control to address complex layers of critical infrastructure protection including multi-layer biometrics, alarm integration, emergency control, and video surveillance integration.

Industry demands

  • Reliable system stability over 24/7 operation
  • Emergency control features with fire alarm integration
  • Audit trail reporting for restricted areas
  • Strict access control for highly secured areas
  • Sophisticated visitor management system
  • Video surveillance integration
  • Intruder alarm integration
  • Tailgating/piggybacking prevention

Solution scenario

Solution features

  • Added layer of security by biometrics

    Added layer of security by biometrics

    • Multi-factor authentication with any combination of fingerprint, face, RF card and/or PIN
    • World’s best performing fingerprint and facial authentication technologies
    • Flexibility in system design differentiating authentication methods from the strict high-security access points to public areas
  • Emergency controls

    Emergency controls

    • Muster zone and roll-call support
    • Fire alarm zone configuration
    • Fail-safe configuration via access readers and/or BioStar 2
    • Fire sensor input to edge devices/ACUs
    • Alert signal output from edge devices/ACUs
  • Effective anti-tailgating solutions

    Effective anti-tailgating solutions

    • Anti-passback to prevent possible fraud by tailgating/piggybacking attempts
    • Man-trap configuration is available for sequential double-door entry
    • Real-time push notification and video footage streaming to administrators when pre-defined events occur
  • Video surveillance integration

    Video surveillance integration

    • 2-way video surveillance integration available
      • 1. video footage stored on BioStar 2 server
      • 2. access events delivered to VMS along with camera and access point locations
    • Real-time video footage delivering to administrators when pre-defined events occur
    • Full SDK and API support to enhance seamless integration to your existing video security systems
  • Reliable 24/7 operation

    Reliable 24/7 operation

    • Provides uncompromised operation under complete darkness(o lux) to full daylight (25,000 lux) conditions commonly found on site entrances
    • Real-time site monitoring and reporting using BioStar 2 management software and smartphone app
  • Sophisticated visitor management

    Sophisticated visitor management

    • BioStar 2 provides comprehensive visitor management features
    • Manages up to 128 access groups and 1,000 access readers
    • Full integration support with existing visitor management software and badging applications
    • Extensive audit trail reporting