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Suprema Elevates Middle East Security Landscape With AI-Powered Solutions
June 05, 2024

Suprema’s innovative AI-based security solutions are reshaping physical security in the Middle East, meeting the evolving needs of the region’s infrastructure development and ensuring safety for residents and visitors alike

The Middle East market is currently a focal point on the global stage, particularly with the trend toward integrating cutting-edge technologies within physical security systems. This includes adopting AI, machine learning, and IoT devices in security systems. Concurrently, the region is undergoing significant infrastructure development, heavily investing in modernizing urban environments with projects like Neom City in Saudi Arabia and Pearl Qatar. These projects necessitate advanced physical security systems to protect assets and ensure safety for residents and visitors.


A Trusted Choice in the Region

Suprema, a global leader in AI-based security solutions, has established a strong presence in the Middle East based on a robust brand reputation and extensive partner network. Suprema’s technical superiority and reliability are proven by serving various customers including banks, government agencies, hospitals, residential complexes, and schools in the Middle East. Suprema offers innovative access control and video management platforms integrated with AI, cloud, and UWB-based technologies. Suprema supports the industry’s most extensive range of multi-credential options including facial authentication, fingerprint recognition, RFID, PIN, mobile access, QR, and barcode. By offering a vast product portfolio and the capability to meet the needs of various customers, Suprema has become a reliable and industry-leading security service provider in the Middle East market, ensuring safety and efficiency.


Integrated Security Platform

Suprema’s integrated security platform, BioStar 2, features a scalable and flexible architecture designed to meet the diverse security requirements of businesses of all types and sizes. The platform’s Multi-Communication Server (MCS) supports a multi-server architecture, supporting extensive device installations and a large number of user enrolments. Also, the flexible architecture of BioStar 2 supports security management ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large-scale organizations. Additionally, BioStar 2 is integrated with a video management system (VMS) and on-device AI access control solution, so it provides AI-based security management by applying Suprema’s proprietary AI algorithms to access control and video management. This enables comprehensive management of real-time video monitoring and access data on a single interface.


On-Device AI Access Control Solution

Suprema has made a significant advancement by incorporating AI into its biometric access control technology, becoming the first company worldwide to integrate NPU-based deep learning AI into biometric authentication. Suprema BioStation 3 and BioStation 2a, are AI-based facial authentication and fingerprint recognition access control solutions. They deliver the world’s highest performance in AI-based biometric recognition in terms of accuracy and speed.


Cloud-based Security Solution

Suprema ‘CLUe’ is a cloud-based access authentication service that integrates Suprema devices with third-party cloud platforms without requiring server adoption. Known for its simplicity in management and installation, the CLUe service is widely used in various verticals for membership and visitor management. In particular, unmanned stores are increasingly adopting this service as it enhances operational efficiency and security.


Ultra-Wideband (UWB)-based Solution

Suprema is revolutionizing physical security with UWB technology. It enables seamless walk-through access authentication entry for authorized individuals without any physical interaction just by holding a smartphone access is granted based on proximity and intent. UWB technology allows for extremely accurate and fast location tracking within a 5-10 cm range of error, which outperforms the capabilities of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

“Our commitment to the Middle East market remains strong, especially since market research reports have recognized Suprema as holding the number one market share in biometric access control in the EMEA region,” said Suprema Inc. CEO Hanchul Kim. “Suprema will support this dynamic market and expand further with AI-based security solutions, aiming to enhance the security of an even broader range of customers in the Middle East.”

Source: a&s Middle East