Use Your Phone to Unlock the Real World with Mobile Access Control

A near-future day-in-the-life with mobile access control

August 19, 2021

By this point you have probably heard of Mobile Access Control. In its simplest form, this is a technology that allows you to unlock doors using your phone. We’ve written extensively about the advanced features, how it makes workplaces more secure, and the technology that underpins Mobile Access Control.

But how will Mobile Access Control actually change how you work and live? We have imagined a scenario that may seem like “near future” science fiction, but in all honesty, this future could be very near. All of these examples are possible with current hardware and software. The only barrier to making this a reality is more widespread adoption of Mobile Access Control.

Suprema Mobile Access

08:57 am

You arrive at the security gate in the lobby of your office building and take out your phone. Actually, your phone is the only thing in your pockets today. No keys. No cards. No wallet. You glance at your phone to unlock it, swipe it across the reader, and the gate opens.
A notification on your watch tells you to take elevator number six.

09:02 am

The elevator was slow and finally you arrive at your office and swipe your phone again to unlock the door. It is after 9:00, but this is no problem. The company’s time and attendance system registered your arrival when you went through the security gate downstairs. You take a moment to celebrate this small victory as you start the day.

Suprema Mobile Access
Suprema Mobile Access

09:30 am

You have a visitor arriving in an hour for a meeting.
You use your company’s app to register her in advance and send a mobile credential to her phone. It will get her through the security gate without checking in with the receptionist, and up to your floor. At the same time, you book a meeting room.

10:30 am

Your guest arrives right on time, and without you having to escort her from the lobby.
Your hands are full, so you ask her to use her phone to unlock the door to the meeting room you booked.

Suprema Mobile Access
Suprema Mobile Access

11:45 am

Meeting complete. Now you’re off to lunch and to inspect progress on construction of a new building using materials that your company developed.

01:15 pm

You arrive at the construction site and already received a mobile credential that allows you to check in. You are also required to fill out a quick wellness declaration using your phone.
The entire process takes less than a minute. Your mobile credential allows you through the front gate, and summons your host, who guides you through the inspection.

Suprema Mobile Access
Suprema Mobile Access

04:15 pm

Very conveniently, you finish your inspection just in time to head to the gym before dinner.

05:15 pm

You arrive at the gym and, once again, use your phone to open the door and sign in. You do not have to fill out another wellness declaration, as you already completed one earlier in the day. Until recently, you had to exchange your membership card for a locker key. Now a locker is assigned when you check in, and you can open it using your phone or watch.

Suprema Mobile Access
Suprema Mobile Access

06:30 pm

You arrive home after a long day. Your phone not only opens the door to the building, but also the mailroom door. This totally eliminated the package theft epidemic that had swept through your building, and your packages are waiting, as expected.

And, of course, your phone also unlocks your apartment door.

Selecting an mobile access control system requires careful consideration of your specific needs and the solutions available. You can learn more about Suprema Mobile Access solutions or get in touch with our sales team for a free consultation.