Enclosure for CoreStation

Enclosure is exclusively used with CoreStation. Enclosure's high performance is a result of its backup battery, tamper switch, an 8-inch power distribution board, and power status LED. Its long battery life ensures that there are no interruptions in operation. It is a unique all-in-one package which has all the components of a controller.


System Safeguard

Enclosure provides both physical security and electrical protection.

Physical Security

Tamper switch

Electrical Protection

- Low-voltage battery protection

- Protection from short circuit, overload and over voltage

- Battery reverse polarity protection

Continuous Operation

The rechargeable battery provides 12V, 7Ah when AC input fails. It helps the system to function seamlessly and without any interruptions.

All-in-one Package

Enclosure provides all the components for a controller in one package including the status LED board,
the 8-inch power distribution board, and power supply.

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