EOL Announcement

BioStar 1
Feb 21, 2019

Suprema will be discontinuing BioStar 1.x.


BioStar 1.x has been released up to 1.93v and came to support stabilized performance and functionality with the 1st gen devices.


However, most of the 1st gen devices now have their successor devices, and the remained 1st gen devices are also planned to be replaced by the 2nd gen devices in the near future.


Therefore, we decided to discontinue the support of BioStar 1.x and focus on BioStar 2 support with 2nd gen devices.


Milestone Definition Effective Date
End of upgrade
notice for BioStar 1.x
BioStar 1.93v is the last version. There will be no future upgrade.
Last time buy date
for BioStar 1.x
SE License
The last date to order BioStar 1.x SE license dongle and virtual key. This product will be no longer for sale after sale this date. Dec 31, 2018
End of bug fix support
for BioStar 1.x
The last date of supporting BioStar 1.x SW bug fix patches and solutions requiring engineering resources. Technical issue check can be supported, but bug fix solutions will not be provided this date. Jun 30, 2019


The above does NOT mean we will not accept any technical questions about BioStar 1.x.


Technical questions will be handled and responded, and available bug patches and solutions will be provided. This notice is to inform that there will be no further development to fix newly found bugs after the above timeline.


We will try to help your customers' smooth transition from BioStar 1.x to BioStar 2 system.