EOL Announcement

BioMini Model
Jun 30, 2018

Suprema will be discontinuing the production of BioMini model. 

BioMini will be replaced with its successor, BioMini Plus2 which provides an outstanding image quality, FBI/PIV Certified while remaining the same form factor as BioMini. 

Furthermore, BioMini Plus2 is only supported in BioStar V1.93 and V2.6 above. 

There will be no longer BioMini models available to support BioStar V1.92 and below, and V2.5 and below.


Detailed Information

Product Model Successor Last Order End of Service
BioMini BioMini BioMini Plus2 Jun. 30, 2018 Jun. 30, 2021


Suprema will continually strive to improve and streamline its products to best suit your needs.