EOL Announcement

BioLite Net Models (BLR-OC, BLR-OC-V2, BLN-OC, BLN-OC-V2, BLS-OC)
Jun 30, 2018

Suprema will be discontinuing the production of BioLite Net models. 

BioLite Net will be replaced with its successor, BioLite N2 which has an enhanced performance and extended feature set such as faster matching speed, Dual Frequency, Multi-Smartcard reader, and increased user/log capacity. 

Furthermore, BioLite N2 is only supported from BioStar2.

Note: BLN-OC-V2 is still available in India and few other countries where it’s not to be considered as Discontinued Product or End of Life. Contact local Suprema Sales Representative for further information related to Sales and Service queries of BLN-OC-V2.


Detailed Information

Product Model Successor Last Order End of Service
BioLite Net(V1) BLR-OC
BioLite N2 Jun. 30, 2019 Jun. 30, 2022
Product Model Successor Last Order End of Service
BioLite Net(V2) BLR-OC-V2
BioLite N2 Dec. 31, 2018 Dec. 31, 2021


Suprema will continually strive to improve and streamline its products to best suit your needs.