EOL Announcement

Termination of BioStar 1.x Technical Support
Jan 15, 2021


Suprema is going to end technical support for BioStar 1.x from July 1st, 2021 with the following schedule as below.   



Effective Date 

Final Announcement 

- End of Support for BioStar 1.x technical support 

The announcement date of ending of BioStar 1.x technical support 

January 15, 2021 

Last date for BioStar 1.x technical support 

The last date for BioStar 1.x technical support 

June 30, 2021,  

23:59 (UTC+9) 

End of support for BioStar 1.x technical support 

There will not be any further support for BioStar 1.x technical issues and/or technical questions. 


July 1, 2021,

00:01 (UTC+9) 


We thank our partners and customers for their support and understanding. For further clarifications or questions, please reach out to your account manager, Suprema local distributor, or Suprema technical support.  https://www.supremainc.com/en/support/main.asp





Please refer to the below FAQs to determine any impacts on your current system. 

If you are going to extend your project or need to have enhanced security rather than BioStar 1, we recommend replacing the existing BioStar 1 system with BioStar 2 system after knowing the features of BioStar 2 system and comparing with your existing system.  

For self-troubleshooting, the online technical articles will be kept. 


Q1) What does end of technical support of BioStar 1.x mean for me?  

Related technical support and services for BioStar 1.x are being discontinued.   

For example, all general inquiries about BioStar 1.x as well as the technical issues are scheduled to be discontinued on July 1st, 2021. 


Q2) What happen if I continue to use BioStar 1.x?  

You can continue to use BioStar 1.x as long as you want. However technical supports from Suprema are being discontinued in accordance with the [Suprema plans to terminate BioStar 1.x Technical Support on July 1st, 2021] announcement. 


Q3) What is BioStar 2? What is different with BioStar 2? 

BioStar 2 is a web-based, open, and integrated security platform that provides comprehensive functionality for access control, time & attendance management. It encrypts all personal data available and supports RESTful API to integrate BioStar 2 with third-party software. 

[Relevant link: BioStar 2 Overview]  

BioStar 2 was created with fundamental conceptual changes to overcome the systematic limitation in BioStar 1.x and to provide consistent performance. So, it is important to know the changes and differences precisely and design a system that can make full use of each feature. 

[Relevant link 1: BioStar 2 vs BioStar 1 Feature Comparison Overview, Relevant link 2: Feature Comparison of BioStar 1 and BioStar 2


Q4) Do all features of BioStar 1 system support to BioStar 2 system? 

All features of BioStar 1 do not exist to BioStar 2 System such as Command Card Feature of BioEntry Plus in BioStar 1. 

Before upgrading an existing site from BioStar 1 to BioStar 2, please make internal tests to check that your upgraded devices will support all the features you are currently using in BioStar 1. 

[Notification About Feature Limitations with 1st Generation Entry Level Devices in BioStar 2]
[Download Page: BioStar 2 Package


Q5) Could we upgrade the existing BioStar 1 devices to BioStar 2 devices with FW upgrade? Are there any limitations? 

In the case of the certain devices, it can be converted the firmware structure from V1 device to V2 device via a SW method.  

[Relevant link: Entry Device Firmware (Xpass, Xpass S2, BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W, BioLiteNet)]  

All information will be initialized as a factory default. Please read this article before converting the firmware.

[[BioStar 2] Notice for Usage of Combined Environment 1st Generation Entry Level Devices and 2nd Generation Devices]

We recommend using the 2nd gen devices rather than converting the firmware because we keep adding new features to the 2nd gen devices. 

If you would like to convert the v1 firmware to v2, Suprema team can send an instruction with a tool to convert the firmware, please contact us through https://www.supremainc.com/en/support/main.asp.  


However, below devices cannot be converted. 

Not supported
BioStation, D-Station, X-Station, FaceStation, Xpass Slim, BioStation T2, Lift IO, Secure IO.
These devices need to be replaced to the 2nd gen devices to use BioStar 2. 

For the 2nd gen devices information, please click here


Q6) Could I upgrade the existing BioStar 1 system to BioStar 2? Any limitations?  

Since BioStar 2 is different system from BioStar 1. It is not possible to upgrade directly.  

It means that all configurations need to be set up again such as the door and the Time &Attendance shift. We recommend testing BioStar 2 system before migrating BioStar 1 system. 

After installing BioStar 2 Server, you can find BioStar DB migration tool to get the user/log data from BioStar 1 DB to BioStar 2 DB. 


Q7) I understand what BioStar 2 is and what is different from BioStar 1 feature. How should I start to move the existing system? 

There are several options, please refer to BioStar 1 to BioStar 2 Database Migration
If you are using card only, you can also export the user data in BioStar 1 and import it to BioStar 2 system.   


Q8) We are referring to BioStar DB table for ERP or 3rd party TA system. How can we have same feature once we start BioStar 2?  

We recommend using BioStar 2 New Local API instead of referring the database of BioStar 2. For BioStar 2 New Local API, please click here [BioStar 2 New Local API].  

For the BioStar 2 DB structure, you can refer to the BioStar 2 Database Table Information (DB Link) and punch log table