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Suprema to introduce new Fusion Multimodal Terminal at live sessions of Suprema Connect
September 10, 2020

SEOUL, KOREA, SEP 11, 2020 – Suprema, a global leader in access control, biometrics and time & attendance solutions, invites industry members to the “Fusion Face Recognition” live session scheduled on September 17th, where it will introduce the new FaceStation F2 Fusion Multimodal Terminal. The live session is part of Suprema Connect 2020, Suprema’s first virtual event, designed to compensate for traditional security conferences, most of which were cancelled due to COVID-19. 

At the Fusion Face Recognition live sessions, which will be held twice on the 17th (at 12AM and 4PM GMT+9) to accommodate for time difference, a Suprema expert will go over the features and technology of FaceStation F2 in detail. FaceStation F2 is Suprema’s 3rd generation face recognition terminal that provides exceptional authentication accuracy and anti-spoofing performance by combining visual and IR face recognition technology. It is equipped with untact photo enrollment feature as well as mask and temperature detection, meeting the needs of the post-pandemic world. 

On September 22nd and 24th, more live sessions are planned on the topics of “Mobile Access Solution” and “Access Control Solution.” These live sessions, which will also be held twice each day, will introduce Suprema’s relevant solutions in detail. Hosts will open up the floor for Q&A and discussions at the end and Suprema will select participants with the best questions to award Suprema Airfob Patches with credits. 

In addition to the live sessions, over thirty on-demand videos on customer applications and in-depth technical trainings will be available on Suprema Connect 2020 website ( from the opening day (Septmeber 15th) for one month until the end of the event. Sign up on the Suprema Connect 2020 website to view the detailed schedule and receive updates and reminders about the event.

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