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Suprema announces its first virtual event, Suprema Connect 2020
August 20, 2020

SEOUL, KOREA, AUG 20, 2020 – Suprema, a global leader in access control, biometrics and time & attendance solutions, announced its first virtual event, Suprema Connect 2020, scheduled to take place for one month from September 15. 

With all major security conferences cancelled due to COVID-19, Suprema designed Suprema Connect 2020 to continue to engage and support partners and customers. Under the theme of “Suprema Contactless Solution,” the event will feature Suprema contactless solutions with a new product showcase and live sessions for discussion on highlighted products and expert perspectives. 

Suprema Connect 2020 will center around the three topics of “Fusion Face Recognition,” “Mobile Access Solution,” and “Access Control Solution.” Fusion Face Recognition sessions will showcase Suprema’s new products, FaceStation F2 and Suprema Thermal Camera. Mobile Access Solution sessions will introduce the company’s mobile credential solution while Access Control Solution sessions will be about the CoreStation Kit that provides Suprema’s intelligent controller with credentials of customers’ choice. 

With over thirty on-demand videos and live sessions, Suprema Connect 2020 will also include customer application of Suprema products and solutions in different scenarios as well as a curated series of in-depth technical training videos. 

The on-demand videos will be available on the opening day while the live sessions will be held in the first two weeks of the event. From each live session, Suprema will select participants who asks the best questions to award Suprema Airfob Patches with credits. 

"We always look forward to directly interacting with partners and customers. The excitement remains the same despite the new virtual format. Suprema will showcase our best products and solutions with case studies and trainings hoping to make every session useful for attendees,” said Young S. Moon, the CEO of Suprema Inc. 

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