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Suprema Successfully Concludes Global Partner Conference With Participants From 46 Different Countries
November 23, 2022

△James Lee, Founder, and Chairman of Suprema Inc., addresses Suprema partners 
during the keynote speech at the SGPP 22 in Seoul.

SEOUL, KOREA November 22, 2022 – Suprema, a global leader in access control and biometrics, shared its vision and future growth strategies at the three-day ‘Suprema Global Partner Program 22’ event from November 16 to 18 at Lotte Hotel Seoul.

This year’s event marked the eleventh anniversary of the Suprema Global Partner Program. A total of 114 partners from 46 countries participated, representing companies from every continent. Suprema and partners interacted with each other and shared insights about Suprema’s innovative technologies, new products, and best practices.

Under the theme of “Shaping the Future,” Suprema announced its business performance, including its vision to expand aggressively in the global physical security market. Suprema is also preparing for a major industry-leading upgrade of its BioStar 2 security software platform, expanding automated processes in its manufacturing line, and strengthening its environmental dedication with eco-friendly packaging materials.

In addition, the event featured a showcase of Suprema’s new BioStation 3 terminal and showed commitment to further revolutionizing its contactless solutions moving forward. There was also discussion about differentiated strategies to target specific verticals such as Energy and Education targeting Middle East and Latin America market.

“Suprema is already in the leading market position based on its technological competitiveness in the areas of contactless access control, facial recognition, and mobile solutions, which are hot topics in the physical security industry. Through BioStation 3, Suprema will dominate the facial recognition market and solidify its position in the global market,” said Suprema Inc. CEO Hanchul Kim. “Furthermore, Suprema will leap forward as a provider of total security solutions based on AI and cloud technology and build a future where everybody in the world can live safe and convenient lives.”

“It felt great to be able to gather together with our international partners at the Suprema Global Partner Program, which was held offline for the first time in three years,” said Suprema Inc. Founder and Chairman James Lee. “Suprema led innovation in access security during the pandemic period and created a new era of contactless credentials. We will continue to create the future of access security together with our partners and customers around the world.”