EOL Announcement

BioStation 2(BS2-OIPW), BioStation A2(BSA2-OIPW)
Aug 14, 2023

Due to the unexpected discontinuation of an essential component from a vendor, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to continue production of BS2-OIPW & BSA2-OIPW models.

We apologize for this short notice and please contact with our sales representative if you need further assistance.

Suprema will discontinue the production of BS2-OIPW & BSA2-OIPW as described below. Other RF options will remain available for order. (BS2-OEPW/OMPW/OHPW, BSA2-OEPW/OMPW/OHPW)

Detailed Information

Product Model Successor End of Service
BioStation 2 BS2-OIPW TBA Aug. 11th, 2026
BioStation A2 BSA2-OIPW XS2-OAPB Aug. 11th, 2026

Suprema will continually strive to improve and streamline its products to best suit your needs. Please contact your account manager for detailed information or additional inquiries.