EOL Announcement

BioStar 2 Video
Jun 19, 2023

Suprema will discontinue the distribution of BioStar 2 Video. To offer an alternative that can replace BioStar 2 Video, we have decided to revamp it and reintroduce it as a new solution.

However, technical inquiries will be handled and responded to, along with providing available bug patches and solutions. This notice is to inform you that no further development will take place to fix newly found bugs after the timeline mentioned below. (Until before the effective date)

Milestone Definition Effective Date
End of distribution on BioStar 2 Video BioStar 2 Video will no longer be distributed Dec 31, 2023
End of support on BioStar 2 Video The last date of supporting BioStar 2 Video Dec 31, 2026

Please reach out to your account manager, Suprema local distributor, or Suprema technical support for further clarifications or questions.