EOL Announcement

Termination of BioStar 2 32bit(x86)
May 30, 2022

Suprema will be discontinuing distributing the BioStar 2 32bit(x86) installer.
To provide stability within the BioStar 2 system and adding new technologies and services, we have decided to focus on developing BioStar 2 only in a 64bit environment.
Therefore, we decided to discontinue the support of distributing the BioStar 2 32bit(x86) installer.


However, technical questions will be handled and responded to while providing available bug patches and solutions. This notice is to inform you that there will be no further development to fix newly found bugs after the above timeline. (Until before the effective date)


Milestone Definition Effective Date
End of distribution on BioStar 2 32bit(x86) installer The installer of the 32bit environment will no longer be distributed from BioStar 2 v2.9.2 Nov 30, 2022
End of support on BioStar 2 32bit(x86) The last date of supporting BioStar 2 32bit(x86) environment. Nov 30, 2025


Please reach out to your account manager, Suprema local distributor, or Suprema technical support for further clarifications or questions.