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[Vietnam] VIN University

[Vietnam] VIN University


Vingroup is a Vietnamese conglomerate founded in 1993 that has expanded to have diversified activities ranging from real estate to retail. As part of its national enrichment program, VinUniversity (VinUni) was established as a non-profit entity with a goal to be the first world class, internationally accredited and ranked university in Vietnam. VinUniversity collaborates with Cornell University and University of Pennsylvania and is located in the VinCity Ocean Park in Gia Lam District, Hanoi, Vietnam, with total area of 420 hectares.


Vingroup was searching for a scalable and secure Access Control System to control the classrooms and offices in the campus buildings. Due to the large size of the campus and planned future expansion, it was essential that the system should be able to handle large user populations and process high volumes of events while being highly reliable.
In the first phase, VinUni will be built over an area of 23 hectares, with total investment of VND 6,500 billion. The project covers over 300 doors including the main campus building for classrooms, academic offices, laboratories, library, and other learning and collaboration spaces. There was a need for system for integration capability so they decided to select Suprema’s CoreStation system that consists of four door controllers (CS-40), RFID card readers (Xpass D2) and reader interface modules (DM-20) to secure the entire university campus.


TIS, Suprema’s System Integrator partner in Vietnam, could satisfy the needs of VinUniversity by implementing Suprema’s BioStar 2 platform as a centralized access control system solution. The installation of devices was simple and easy, saving time and costs in the project. The Xpass D2 was favored by end-customer due to its ability to be used for indoor and outdoor installations while at the same time having a sleek design. Hundreds of Xpass D2 and DM-20 were integrated into the central building management and access control system of university by straightforward cabling. Considering extension of the campus, CS-40 assures the system will grow with the university due to its flexibility and scalability.
The BioStar2 software platform provided an easy to use yet powerful way to manage the over 300 doors in the system with minimal training. To further reduce administration costs, the HR and ERP system were integrated using BioStar2 API, a free connection pathway that allowed VinUni to sync data automatically for time and attendance and other system functions.


1) Simple and Easy Management System CoreStation and Xpass D2 enabled to manage a vast university campus easily and efficiently. The software’s simplified workflows and intuitive user interface make life easy for administrators and operators.

2) Secured System Implementing a centralized system with CoreStation, resulted in better trackability and less chance for compromising physical locations. The security by design nature of the system helps reduce risk of data breaches.

3) Flexibility of Integration BioStar2 API allowed easy integration of diverse systems to eliminate data entry duplication and boost the overall ROI of the project. Using standard programming methods, the API allows easy flow of data between systems.


    VIN University / Hanoi, Vietnam




    Access Control


    Access Control & Integration


    3,500 Employees




    CoreStation: 17EA
    XPass D2: 221EA
    DM-20: 155EA
    BioStar 2 Software-Pro


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