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[Japan] Nomura Real Estate Development

[Japan] Nomura Real Estate Development


Nomura Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1957 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. As one of the largest real estate providers in Japan, Nomura Real Estate Development specializes in real estate services such as condominium sales, detached house sales, investment and development, building leases, architectural design, asset management, etc. After discovering the market need for shared office space, they launched a rental office service named H¹O (Human First Office), which has been highly successful.


Due to the business’s growth in the shared office space industry, it needed a new identification solution that was both secure and contactless for shared office tenants in order to centralize operations and drive efficiency. Since 2019, they had been using FaceStation 2, which was not contact-free during the enrollment of users’ facial data. Nomura Real Estate Development wanted to have an easier, more efficient enrollment method which didn’t require administrators to meet tenants face to face.

Nomura Real Estate Development required a management system which could control a range of features at the same time including scheduled locking, parcel locking and an intrusion alarm panel.
A crucial aspect of the new H¹O rental office service was security, with the need for entrances and access points of the site to not only be secure but also implement solutions which would benefit usability for tenants too.


Suprema introduced the new facial recognition device FaceStation F2 to Nomura Real Estate Development after consulting about their needs. FaceStation F2 was installed mainly at the H¹O main entrances, tenant office doors and parcel lockers. FaceStation F2 was RS-485 wired with the parcel lock system and intrusion alarm panel. CoreStation was installed to control the automatic doors and emergency exits. Previously, tenants had to make physical contact to pick up parcels and access doors. However, thanks to Suprema’s contactless solutions, H¹O has now become a contact-free zone, and it can now securely track tenant access data and parcel delivery and shipping records. FaceStation F2 also enabled a much faster and easier enrollment
process. At the same time, FaceStation F2 can give tenants the impression that H¹O is providing tenants a premium service and environment with cutting-edge technology. By installing one hundred units of FaceStation F2 at H¹O’s Shin-Osaka branch, Suprema's comprehensive facial recognition solution was approved to be implemented in other H¹O branches as well.


1) More Control, Less Contact Provide a safer and easier environment with Face recognition solution by reducing touchpoints between people and objects.

2) Enhanced security system Enhanced level of security over a whole building by centralized system and improved efficiency of managing tenant’s common service facilities.

3) Easy management system BioStar 2 as a total management software which enables centrally controlled, managed, and monitored all the access points.


    Shin-Osaka / Japan




    Access Control


    Access Control




    Tenpo Planning


    FaceStation F2: 100 Units
    DM-20: 102 Units
    BioStation L2-OM: 1 Unit
    CoreStation: 1 Unit
    OM-120: 3 Units
    XPass S2M-V2: 2 Units
    BioStar 2-Professional SW


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