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[Dominican Republic] MAPFRE SALUD ARS

[Dominican Republic] MAPFRE SALUD ARS


MAPFRE Salud ARS is a leading health insurer in Dominican Republic with more than 55 years of experience in the sector. It's part of MAPFRE, a worldwide company with presence in over 36 countries, with more than 1,250 corporate partners and over 100 million people benefiting from their services.

MAPFRE Salud ARS has 12 offices nationwide and 10 points of service, with a main office of 9 floors, where the work of integrating the solution with Suprema equipment was carried out.


MAPFRE Salud ARS used 3 access control platforms (Infinias, DMP, CCure) which controlled 15 branches individually.
They needed to be replaced by a centralized system with capacity for various types of credentials. One that, beyond offering exclusively access control functions, was capable of including a vehicle tag recognition system and having a platform for elevator control, visitor module and time & attendance control. For this reason, the 3Xlogic, DMP and Software House platforms were replaced respectively by Suprema's solution.


FC Soluciones with the support of Tech Geeks - Solutions suggested that the client should implement a centralized Access Control system based on Suprema solutions, managed with a single platform for which BioStar 2 was chosen. Suprema Smart Controller CoreStation (CS-40) responsiveness is very fast (allowing up to 8 authentications fully in parallel and in real time, eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring fluidity and efficiency of the system).
Together with the Door Module (DM-20, Expansion Module), Output Module (OM-120, Elevator Control Module) and Active Directory integration to make it more flexible for users to enter the platform and control visits with the BioStar 2 visitor module.
BioStar 2 Time and Attendance module was also implemented to manage worktime, overtime, vacations, exceptions, etc. For the Access Control features, XPR + HID Readers were incorporated into the system, connecting them to the panel CoreStation through Wiegand connection and to enter the main Data Center, FaceStation 2 (face + card) was placed to ensure entry to the facility.


1) Centralized & User-Friendly Implementing a centralized system with CoreStation results in having a more secure and stable access control solution. BioStar 2 and CoreStation offer user friendly interface and centralized access control rights management for users and devices in real time.

2) Faster Processing Time CoreStation’s capacity to handle a big number of users and its speed of authentication optimized the times on controlling the entry and exit of users.

3) More Efficient Process The transfer of data in real time between the platform and the devices makes the system administration process easier and more efficient for the operators and enables the implementation of policies for anticipation and response to emergencies.


    MAPFRE SALUD ARS, Dominican Republic




    Access Control, Time & Attendance Control, Elevator Control and Visitor Management


    Access Control Panel, Biometrics


    1,573 Employees


    FC Soluciones ‒ Tech Geeks


    Enclosure: 14 Units
    CoreStation: 12 Units
    Door Module: 66 Units
    Output Module: 2 Units
    Secure Module: 11 Units
    FaceStation 2-D: 1 Unit
    BioStation 2-OIPW: 2 Units


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