FaceStation 2

Smart Facial Authentication Terminal

FaceStation 2
Smart Facial Authentication Terminal
Suprema FaceStation 2 is an advanced facial authentication terminal, providing enhanced features. Powered by Suprema’s innovation in facial biometrics, FaceStation 2 offers unrivaled matching speed, accuracy, and level of security. With Suprema’s patented optic engineering, FaceStation 2 achieves up to 25,000 lx of operating illuminance which in turn, brings all-round confidence regardless of lighting conditions. Packed in an ergonomically-designed structure, FaceStation 2 provides exceptional performance and usability for diverse access control and time attendance sites, large or small.


High Speed Face Matching
Powered by Suprema’s latest facial authentication algorithm and industry-leading 1.4 GHz quad-core CPU, FaceStation 2 provides the world’s fastest matching speed of up to 4,000 match/sec.
Massive Memory Capacity
FaceStation 2 offers a massive memory capacity to manage the largest number of users in its class. A single terminal of FaceStation 2 can accommodate up to 30,000 users, 50,000 face image logs and 5,000,000 text logs.
USERS 30,000
TEXT LOGS 5,000,000
Confidence in All Lighting Conditions
With Suprema’s patented IR illumination and optical technique, FaceStation 2 now achieves operating illuminance of up to 25,000 lx, about 5 times brighter than industry average. At 25,000 lx, FaceStation 2 allows uninterrupted facial authentication in all possible lighting, not exposed to direct sunlight.

Enhanced Security Features

Infra-red based fake face blocking technology
(Live Face Detection)
Multi-band RF reading technology supporting latest RFID standards
High quality face image logs
Communicates with Smartphones
With Suprema Mobile Access, as a credential, your smartphone is a key to access.
BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Communicates via BLE in Android
Protecting data communications using the AES encryption algorithm
NFC (Near Field Communication)
Communicates via NFC’s HCE in Android
* Note that HCE is not available on all Android smartphones. It is recommended to check the smartphone specification, but this feature is widely supported on the latest models.
Protecting data communications using the AES encryption algorithm
BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Communicates via BLE in iOS
Protecting data communications using the AES encryption algorithm
Improved Ergonomics for the Greatest Height Range
FaceStation 2 allows the greatest height range of 145 cm–210 cm. With an optional tilt-bracket, FaceStation 2 also accommodates wheelchair users and children.
Android-based Intuitive GUI
On its wide touchscreen LCD, FaceStation 2 offers the industry’s most intuitive graphic user interface. Thanks to the latest Android 5.0 OS, FaceStation 2 features the latest material design concept to provide extremely easy to use GUI, requiring minimal training for both users and system administrators.
Temperature Detection
FaceStation 2 can be combined with Suprema Thermal Camera to detect users with elevated skin temperature. FaceStation 2 with Suprema Thermal Camera measures skin temperature of users passing the access point and limits the access of users with a higher temperature than the preset threshold. It provides an easy connection via USB allowing quick deployment.