Guidance of Fingerprint Sensor Module with Suprema

Fingerprint was generally used for a special purpose such as criminal investigation in terms of none of individual having a same shape, and it has been gradually in close connection with our daily life that many devices have been integrated with a fingerprint sensor for decades such as a mobile device, access control, time attendance, vending machine, and so on. Suprema is a world leading biometrics company supporting a fingerprint sensor module to manufacturers in global, and we would like to introduce the best fingerprint sensor modules.

What is Fingerprint Sensor Module?

The fingerprint module is a key to transform an ordinary access control and attendance terminal into a fingerprint recognition device. It captures, stores and matches the user’s fingerprint, and can more implement functions through various protocols provided.

People can access via fingerprint

How does the Fingerprint Sensor Module Work?

Principle of Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint module is largely divided into a sensor that captures a fingerprint image and a processing board that processes the fingerprint recognition algorithm and stores/deletes the fingerprint template.
The device with the fingerprint sensor requires a high level of security, and it gives you an experience your life gets easier via tipping on your finger on the sensor to verify your identification fast. There are two types of fingerprint sensor module: optical and capacitive.

The way to use fingerprint module sensor

Sensor Type: Optical Sensor and Capacitive Sensor

Optical Fingerprint Sensor
Optical Fingerprint Sensor

The optical sensor captures a fingerprint image first, and captured image is then post-processed to enhance quality and make it usable for algorithm.

Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor
Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor

The capacitive fingerprint sensor uses an array of tiny capacitor circuits. These particular circuits use electrical currents to scan and generate an image of the ridges and valleys of a finger. Once captured, the processor linked to the sensor analyzes the digital image to look for distinctive and unique fingerprint attributes.

Three Advantages of Suprema Fingerprint Sensor Module

We would like to highlight the significant three benefits of using the fingerprint sensor module among several advantages.

Suprema Fingerprint Module Adavantages

High Speed and Accuracy

Suprema’s multi-award-winning fingerprint algorithm is at the heart of every Suprema fingerprint module. Suprema’s highly sophisticated fingerprint technology has been recognized by numerous competitions and compliances including FBI IQS, STQC, FVC and NIST MINEX. With the world’s fastest and most accurate performance, Suprema fingerprint algorithm provides unrivalled reliability and performance.

Suprema Fingerprint Module Adavantages

Market leadership in Fingerprint Module

Suprema Fingerprint Module (SFM Series) is the most reliable brand in biometric industry and one of the most widely used technologies in the world by unrivalled performance and problem-free quality. Suprema Fingerprint Module has been chosen by more than 400 manufacturers including multi-national security companies.

Suprema Fingerprint Module Adavantages

Reliable Solution

When it comes to the technology components, our focus is on delivering the best quality module that offers high performance and reliability throughout their lifecycle. At Suprema, our technologies comply most of global standards and our operation complies ISO9001/14001 standards to ensure quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Different Types of Suprema Fingerprint Sensor Modules

SFM Slim is Suprema fingerprint sensor module

SFM Slim -Ultra-Slim FAP20 Standalone Embedded Module

SFM Slim module is a slim fingerprint sensor module with 13.5mm thickness.
It is standalone type, and with Suprema CDE(Conformance Decision Engine), SFM Slim provides a new, powerful and innovative system design at a whole new level.

  • The Slimmest 13.5 mm FAP 20-certified Optical Fingerprint Module.
  • 5,000 fingerprint templates matching per second (1.0GHz CPU, Max 22K Templates)
  • LFD(Live Finger Detection) detects fake fingerprints made from various materials including clay, rubber, silicon, glue, paper, film and more.
SFM6000 series includes SFM6020-OP6, SFM6030-OC6, SFM6050-T1, and SFM6050-T2S

SFM6000 Series

SFM6000 Series provides a faster authentication module. These modules also support multiple interfaces, RS232 and USB host communication. The capacity of the series is up to 25,000 templates. It is the perfect module for users who are looking for fast authentication sensor with a large capacity.

  • 1.0GHz CPU and Max 25K Templates
  • 1:1,000 Identification in 400ms
  • 1:1 verification in 330ms
  • LFD (Live Finger Detection) for selected model
SFM5500series includes SFM5520-OP6, SFM5530-OC6, and SFM5550-TC1

SFM5500 Series

SFM5500 Series is a high-end detached fingerprint module. This module supports multi-interfaces: RS232, RS422, and RS485 host communication.

  • 533MHz DSP
  • 1:1 verification in 550ms
  • Configurable Digital I/O and LED Control Ports
  • Wiegand Input & Output Ports
  • Auxiliary Communication Ports


  • Do you support fake fingerprint detection?

    Suprema’s Live Finger Detection (LFD) technology is based on analysis of dynamic and static image characteristics of the fake fingers. With the advanced analysis algorithm to detect abnormalities in dynamic changing pattern of fingerprints images, and several static features of liveness or unnaturalness of fingers, fake fingers are clearly distinguished from live fingers.

  • What is the difference between a fingerprint scanner and fingerprint module?

    Remarkable distinction between a fingerprint scanner and fingerprint module is the place where fingerprint templates are stored and matched. The fingerprint scanner sto res and matches templates on server or PC, but the fingerprint module stores and matches templates on the module itself. Experience the powerful and innovative fingerprint sensor technology with Suprema!

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