ID Solutions


Versatile portfolio of ID Solution Products
from Suprema.

Enrollment Scanners

Enrollment Scanners are devices that collects fingerprint images from AFIS systems. It directly scans and collects digital fingeprint data from live fingers. Suprema's enrollment scanners called RealScan Series, have multiple input options from single, double, four to palm prints. It is being used in multiple governments specifically a number of law and enforcement divisions.

Personal Identification Authentication

  • Driver's License
  • Social Programs
  • Voter Registration
  • Banks/Financial institute

Criminal Identification

  • Automatic Fingerprint Identification System(AFIS)
  • Law Enforcement /International Police

Person background checks

  • Criminal records check
  • Employee identificatrion

Border Management

  • International Airports, Seaports
  • Domestic/Foreigner Identification


  • ePassport Issuance
  • e-VISA Program

Nation ID

  • Biometric Smart
    ID Card

Authentication Scanners

Suprema’s PC solution providing state-of-the-art encryption technology for a file and folder and access control for program and internet use is an ideal solution for information security for PC/Network. As a development tool, Suprema provides software development kit (BioMini SDK ) working with USB fingerprint scanners(BioMini Slim, BioMini Plus, BioMini, SFU-S20, SFU-500 and SFU-300) for fingerprint based application development to security companies, system integrators and hardware manufacturers.


e-Passport refers to a machine-readable passport that requires an integrated chip (IC) containing biometric data. Suprema ePassport product, RealPass Series is being used in multiple government agency as well as multiple airports around the world.