Solution overview

Suprema provides state-of-the-art biometric access control solutions to hospitals and healthcare institutions around the world. Challenges in securing hospitals and healthcare institutions are unique because facilities are operating 24/7 with highly ‘open’ access in public areas while requiring the strict level of security when it comes to the safety of patients, medical information, operation rooms, and drug storages. Based on our expertise in the healthcare industry, Suprema provides a secure, flexible and advanced solution to meet the challenging needs of the healthcare facilities.

Industry demands

  • Sophisticated system design over public and back-of-the-house areas
  • Reliable system stability over 24/7 operation
  • Emergency control features with fire alarm integration
  • Audit trail reporting for restricted areas
  • Strict access control for highly secured areas
  • Integration with hospital management system
  • Flexibility in configuring access zones and job groups
  • Cost saving in ID card/credential issuance
  • Integration with fire alarm and CCTV systems

Solution scenario

Fire roll-call software

This technology is particularly useful in hospitals and residential care homes as in the event of a fire it automatically generates a report containing crucial information about who is within the building and potentially where they are. This software operates via the access control smart card or fob that an employee uses to gain access/exit to a building. In the emergency event, the fire roll-call software alerts occupants to the emergency while simultaneously activating the report at a safe pre-determined remote point.

Integrated security systems

Larger hospitals and residential care homes which operate on more than one floor and perhaps across several sites may also benefit from a fully integrated access control system with CCTV, intruder alarm, fire detection, and building systems. One way to attain this is by adopting the use of Internet Protocol (IP) technology which allows these systems to communicate with each other to maximize their effectiveness.

Visitor monitoring

The visitor management system should be considered in an environment with a fleeting number of patients and visitors. This system can print photo ID and allow access to the specific areas in the hospital or residential care home. Moving to a software solution for visitor management is an easy and inexpensive solution and can provide many added benefits.

Solution features

  • Added layer of security by multi-factor biometrics

    Added layer of security by multi-factor biometrics

    • Multi-modal authentication with any combination of fingerprint, face, RF card and/or PIN
    • World’s best performing fingerprint and facial authentication technologies
    • Flexibility in system design differentiating authentication methods from high-security access points to public areas
  • Comprehensive access control functionalities

    Comprehensive access control functionalities

    • BioStar 2 provides extensive access control features including fully configurable access zones and user groups
    • Manages up to 128 access groups and 1,000 access readers
    • Suprema readers are fully compatible with legacy (125kHz) RF cards, 13.56MHz smart card standards as well as mobile credentials (NFC/BLE)
  • Emergency control features

    Emergency control features

    • Muster zone and roll-call support
    • Fire alarm zone configuration
    • Fail-safe configuration via access readers and/or BioStar 2
    • Fire sensor input to edge devices/ACUs
    • Alert signal output from edge devices/ACUs
  • Sophisticated visitor manage

    Sophisticated visitor management

    • BioStar 2 provides comprehensive visitor management features
    • Manages up to 128 access groups and 1,000 access readers
    • Full integration support with existing visitor management software and badging applications
    • Extensive audit trail reporting
  • Video surveillance integration

    Video surveillance integration

    • 2-way video surveillance integration available
      • 1. video footage stored on BioStar 2 server
      • 2. access events delivered to VMS along with camera and access point locations
    • Real-time video footage delivering to administrators when pre-defined events occur
    • Full SDK and API support to enhance seamless integration to your existing video security systems
  • Future-proof, cost reduction and scalability

    Future-proof, cost reduction and scalability

    • Facial authentication options to provide hands-free and more hygiene way of access
    • Barcode reader integration for patients
    • Multi-RF card reading including legacy 125kHz RF cards, 13.56MHz smart card standards as well as mobile credentials (NFC/BLE)