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We have a global network of partners who work with us to continuously develop and manufacture reliable industry-leading solutions and, can help solve all of your system challenges.


AxxonSoft is a leading developer of smart integrated security and video surveillance systems.

  • Solution Name : Axxon Intellect Enterprise
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : BioStation A2, FaceStation 2, BioStation 2, BioEntry W2, CoreStation, BioEntry P2, XPass 2
  • Supported S.W version : Axxon Intellect Enterprise 4.10.4 and later with ACFA-Intellect 6.5 and later.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise is an open platform for physical security information Management that supports integrated security systems of any level of complexity. The Intellect PSIM integrates with over 60 access control, perimeter protection, fire and security alarm systems from numerous manufacturers.


AMAG Technology is one of the foremost innovators and suppliers within the Security Industry providing fully integrated security solutions throughout the world.

  • Solution Name : AMAG Symmetry
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : BioLite N2, BioEntry P2
  • Supported S.W version : Symmetry Access Control v9.1

Symmetry is an open system with many different options for combining security equipment and software into a single Security Management System.

Apollo Security

Apollo Security is an established leader in the Access Control Security industry providing superior hardware products supported by innovative software solutions.

  • Solution Name : Apollo APACS
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : All BioStar 2 compatible devices (except for CST, BER2, RFID readers)
  • Supported S.W version : Apollo APACS Version 3.9.6

APACS Biometric Extensions make handling advanced credentials easy by seamlessly integrating biometric enrollment into the card management interface your users are already familiar with. Configurable options for all functions means easy installation of biometric enrollment readers and quick setup of access readers. Save memory and enhance security by downloading templates only to readers where an access level allows a user to enter.


Avigilon designs, develops, and manufactures video analytics, network video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras, and access control solutions.

  • Solution Name : Avigilon ACM
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : BioStation 2, BioEntry W2
  • Supported S.W version : v 5.8

The Avigilon Access Control Manager software gives you the ability to configure and control your local access control security system through a web browser. Once all of your access control components are connected to the Avigilon Access Control Manager appliance, you can configure your system with ease.


Axis is the market leader in network video. We invented the world's first network camera back in 1996 and we're been innovators in video surveillance ever since, increasing the security of millions of people worldwide and helping to meet the growing need for a smarter, safer world.

  • Solution Name: AXIS Entry Manager
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : BioStation 2, BioEntry W2
  • Supported S.W version : AXIS Entry Manager V1.40

AXIS Entry Manager is an easy-to-install and scalable IP-based access management solution for small- to mid-sized businesses such as offices, industries and retail stores. AXIS Entry Manager consists of one or several AXIS A1001 Network Door Controllers with built-in access management software. The system is completed with standard IT equipment, readers, door locks and door position sensors that meet the installation requirements.


Brivo is committed to solving our customers' physical security needs with the latest technology.

  • Solution Name : Brivo OnAir
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation 2, BioStation 2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2
  • Supported S.W version : Brivo OnAir

Brivo OnSite Server is a robust, secure and scalable appliance-based access control server for single or multi-site applications. The Brivo OnSite Server is delivered complete and ready to configure via an Internet browser with its operating system and applications pre-installed on an on-premise high performance rackmount server.

Brivo OnAir is a modern unified security platform that combines physical access control and video monitoring. The Brivo OnAir solution is built for today's connected business people. From unlocking doors, to recording surveillance video, to giving access permissions to new employees and contractors, Brivo offers a secure physical access control solution through the cloud.


Gallagher Security is a division of Gallagher Group, a global leader in the innovation, manufacture and marketing of security, animal management, fuel systems and contract manufacturing solutions.

  • Solution Name : Gallagher Command Center
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : BioStation 2, BioEntry W2
  • Supported S.W version : Command Centre v7

Gallagher Command Centre is a powerful access and control solution designed to give you complete site control. Fully configurable to suit the unique needs of your site, Command Centre allows you to define, manage and report on all aspects of your system. Everything that happens on-site is relayed to your Command Centre operators in real time, enabling a swift and appropriate response to security threats. Seamless integration with complimentary security and site management solutions means Command Centre delivers on its promise.


Genetec is a global provider of IP video surveillance, access control and license plate recognition solutions unified in a single platform, called Security Center.

  • Solution Name : Genetec Security Center
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation 2, BioStation 2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2
  • Supported S.W version : Security Center 5.7, 5.8

Security Center is the unified security platform from Genetec that blends IP security systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify your operations. From access control, video surveillance, and automatic license plate recognition to communications, intrusion, and analytics, Security Center empowers your organization through enhanced situational awareness, unified command and control, and connectivity to the cloud.


Honeywell Access is a leader in the field of access control, security management and automation systems.

1. WIN-PAK integration

  • Solution Name : Honeywell WIN-PAK integration with Suprema
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation F2, FaceStation 2, FaceLite
  • Supported S.W version : WIN-PAK 4.8.5

While effectively managing access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection, WIN-PAK 4.8.5 now offers direct integration with Suprema Biometric devices to facilitate face recognition, temperature detection and much more.

2. ProWatch, WIN-PAK PE integration

  • Solution Name : Honeywell ProWatch, Honeywell WIN-PAK PE
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation 2, BioStation 2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2
  • Supported S.W version : ProWatch 4.2, WIN-PAK PE

Honeywell's Pro-Watch security management suite provides the flexibility, scalability and control required for comprehensive security management. Pro-Watch equips organizations with the right tools to protect people, secure assets and ensure regulatory compliance by combining access control, digital video, intrusion and other functions into one powerful system. Honeywell's WIN-PAK software suite provides a range of solutions from access control only to fully integrated security solutions. WIN-PAK's powerful user interface allows dealers to install a single software for all of their customers' security needs.


ICT is a world leading manufacturer of unified and intelligent electronic access control and security solutions that enable organizations to protect their people, operations and information.

  • Solution Name : ICT Protege GX
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation 2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2
  • Supported S.W version : ProtegeGX system with software version or higher

At ICT we believe the key to great software is doing all the hard thinking up-front so you don't have to. There's no better example of this theory in action than our ProtegeGX package. It's an enterprise level integrated access control, intrusion detection, and building automation solution with a feature set that is easy to operate, simple to integrate, and effortless to extend.


Kantech offers a full suite of access control products that are reliable, easy to install and easily scalable.

  • Solution Name : Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation 2, BioStation 2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2
  • Supported S.W version : Entrapass Global Edition v7.5, v7.6

EntraPass Corporate Edition is a multiple workstation software platform that offers the ultimate balance between power and affordability in a network environment. It offers the flexibility to securely connect controllers directly on the network, as well as over RS-485. The software integrates advanced security features such as EntraPass Go mobile app and EntraPass Web platform that deliver remote and convenient access to common access control, video and intrusion tasks and reporting. The enhanced user experience makes navigation and operation easy and intuitive.


Keyscan is focused on developing and manufacturing access control hardware and software.

  • Solution Name : Keyscan Aurora
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : BioStation 2, BioStation L2, BioStatoin A2, FaceStation 2
  • Supported S.W version : Aurora v1.0.16.1

Aurora is the culmination of decades of research and innovation directed towards surpassing the existing boundaries and functionality of access control. Only Aurora unleashes the expanded processing power and capabilities of Keyscan's newest line of access control units. With a completely re-designed interface, Aurora delivers a new experience that verifies Keyscan's ongoing leadership role within the industry.


Lenel is a global leader in advanced security systems, providing flexible, integrated solutions that help protect some of the most security-conscious organizations around the world.

  • Solution Name : Lenel OnGuard
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation 2, BioStation 2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2
  • Supported S.W version : On Guard 7.4, 7.5

Lenel's open platform security system integrates seamlessly with OnGuard video, intrusion, access and fire products and offers remote access and management functionality. Lenel has developed OnGuard Biometrics Smart Cards to help customers leverage their OnGuard systems to support industry leading biometric and smart card technologies. This solution offers customers a seamless enrollment and verification experience, to simplify management and optimize security while providing added functionality.

Open Options

At Open Options, we're DIFFERENT because we have a long-term approach to our product, market, and channel partner development. These differences may sound subtle, but they're important compared to large publicly-owned corporations whose goals are solely driven by quarterly statements.

  • Solution Name : Open Options DNA Fusion
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation 2, BioStation 2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2
  • Supported S.W version : DNA Fusion 7.6

DNA Fusion is built using the very latest in software development technology. DNA Fusion is designed for the extended enterprise taking full advantage of the Distributed Network Architecture model. DNA Fusion proves to revolutionize the access control industry by removing many of the limitations to enterprise deployment inherent in the typical access control application. DNA Fusion allows you to monitor several systems through a common interface including audio and IP video recording.


PACOM SYSTEMS. What started as a local idea in Australia in 1983 grew to become a global brand. Our products have been successfully installed at more than 70,000 sites globally and are trusted to protect many of the world's most prestigious organizations.

  • Solution Name : GMS Suprema Integration
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : All BioStar 2 compatible devices
  • Supported S.W version : BioStar 2 & GMS 4.40

GMS Integrating to BioStar Server supporting Card Synchronization & Enrollment. Suprema Terminals connect to PACOM Controllers as Weigand Readers.


PCSC is a designer and manufacturer of quality access control solutions. From integrated hardware to sophisticated access control management software, including: door entry access, video badging, CCTV control, elevator control, alarm graphics, PoE network peripherals, and video integration.

  • Solution Name : PCSC LiNC-PLUS
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation 2, BioStation 2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2
  • Supported S.W version : Linc-Plus v3.9.71

LiNC-PLUS is a complete scaleable PC-based software package designed to integrate, control and manage electronic security and building automation components with sub-systems into a networked Integrated Security Management System.

RS2 Tech

RS2 Technologies is an independently owned access management company, which allows us to stay close to our customers and be more responsive to their security needs. RS2 Technologies was founded on the four cornerstones of Innovation, Flexibility, Reliability, and Powerful, Friendly Software.

  • Solution Name : RS2 Access It! Universal.NET
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation 2, BioStation 2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2
  • Supported S.W version : Access It! Universal 7.0

Access It! Universal.NET is truly an access management solution for any size business. Whether you need simple access control for a few employees in a single building, or a variety of operations for thousands of employees in a multi-region, multi-server system, Access It! Universal.NET is designed to meet your needs. This powerful, user-friendly software allows you to select the feature sets you need to build a scaleable, cost-effective system.

S2 Security

S2 Security is an independent manufacturer of IP-based physical security and video management systems that create a powerful, cost effective way to protect people, property and assets.

  • Solution Name : S2 Netbox
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation 2, BioStation 2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2
  • Supported S.W version : Netbox 4.7

NetBox Extreme is a full-featured, web-based access control and event monitoring system that supports up to 128 portals. Optional system partitioning allows the entire database to be separated into multiple smaller systems for entities such as field offices or tenants.

Software House

Software House has built a solid reputation in the security industry as an innovator of security and event management technologies.

  • Solution Name : Software C•CURE 9000
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation 2, BioStation 2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2
  • Supported S.W version : CCURE 9000 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 with Deep Embed

C•CURE 9000 delivers the best access control while empowering customers to utilize IT-standard tools and distributed architecture. The flexibility of this system grants security professionals the freedom to deploy a unique security solution for their entire business.


STANLEY Security provides the best of both worlds, a local company with global resources and one of the most trusted names in security. While we're proud to be a global player, we never lose sight of how important it is to understand and serve each community with local people.

PAC SecureNet is a completely integrated security solution that incorporates access control, alarm monitoring, video imaging, card printing, card encoding, messaging, CCTV, DVR and NVR management as well as interfacing with third party applications, in a single user-friendly environment.


timeware® is widely recognised as one of the UK's leading developer of Workforce Management Software. Our philosophy is simple: long-term reliability, enhanced functionality and continuous innovation.

  • Solution Name : timeware Small Business & timeware Professional
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2, BioStation 2, BioStation L2, BioStation A2, FaceStation 2, FaceStation F2, X-Station 2
  • Supported S.W version : From timeware 2019 to the latest version

Software modules include: Personnel, Absence Management, Attendance, Access Control, Asset Management, Job Costing, Cost Centre Analysis, Fire Alarm Roll Call, ADP (Attendance Display Panel), Dashboards and Reports, To-do Lists, Payroll Integration, TWC, WTR, GDPR and ESS GO.

ACTi Corporation

  • Integration Type : Video log for BioStar 2
  • Website :
  • Tools : ACTi NVR SDK (V3.0.12.42)
  • Suprema Platform : BioStar 2 (V2.5.0 or higher)

ACTi Corporation founded in 2003, is an end-to-end IP video surveillance solution provider, covering all the way from security to business management solutions. The core value of ACTi is to deliver these solutions through in-house developed technologies applied to its whole product line. These products include IP cameras, video management software and video analytics that are seamlessly unified. These solutions are customized for all markets through the comprehensive support of pre- and post-sales service tools and utilities. ACTi's world-wide 24/7 technical support ensures customers a service they can depend on.

Dahua Technology

  • Integration Type : Video log for BioStar 2
  • Website :
  • Tools : Dahua NVR SDK (V2.14.50523
  • Suprema Platform : BioStar 2 (V2.5.0 or higher)

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry. Dahua is committed to providing the highest quality solutions and products with the latest technologies to enable our end users to perform their business successfully. The company has more than 6,000 R&D engineers and technical staff working on cutting-edge technologies in camera lens, image sensor, video encoding & transmission, embedded processor, graphic processing, video analytics, software reliability, network security and other technologies.


  • Integration Type: Video log for BioStar 2
  • Website :
  • Tools: Hikvision NVR SDK (V5.2.771)
  • Suprema Platform: BioStar 2 (V2.5.0 or higher)

Hikvision is a world-leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. Featuring the industry's strongest R&D workforce, Hikvision uses its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to design and develop innovative CCTV and video surveillance products. Hikvision products serve a diverse set of vertical markets, including retail, banking and finance, transportation, education, commercial, government and residential applications.

Midpoint Security

Midpoint Security is a team of access control and security professionals, devoted to making integrated systems simple and affordable. Since 2010 Midpoint Security is an official distributor of Suprema devices, with numerous implemented projects ranging from business and shopping centers to production and tradeshow facilities

Midpoint Security CredoID is an integrated software for access control, security and time & attendence management. CredoID allows using Suprema's world-class biometric devices in combination with most popular setups from other hardware brands. By providing the flexibility of choice to integrators, CredoID offers the complete solution with desired feature set.


Synel UK is an innovative world leader in the development and production of data collection systems and solutions for workforce management, job costing, employee scheduling and access control.

  • Solution Name : TimeLogWEB
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioEntry R2, BioEntry N2,
    XPass 2, CoreStation
  • Supported S.W version : All versions

Synel UK provides complete hardware and software solutions, including advanced biometric data capture devices with fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and more. Solutions are available for complex, multi-location enterprises and single-building facilities of all sizes. Harness the ability to improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce costs, and provide an innovative user experience while maintaining compliance. For over 25 years, Synel has served UK businesses with top quality human capital management services for an engaged & motivated workforce.

IMPRO technologies

Impro became one of the first companies in the world to adopt RFID and quickly became pioneers in the technology. This resulted in the business developing innovative new products that revolutionized the access control industry, and achieved tremendous growth for the group.

  • Solution Name : Access Portal
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : BioEntry W2, BioLite N2, BioStation 2, BioStation A2, BioStation L2, FaceLite, FaceStation 2
  • Supported S.W version : Access Portal V.4.2 +

The Access Portal management software suite provides a variety of options for small business, through to multi-site enterprises. Upgrading through the various tiers is quick and easy, simply enter the license key and the next tier is unlocked – no hardware change, no database migration. Access Portal also brings a new level of simplicity to the operation of access control. From auto install functionality, to built-in wizards and automatic detection of hardware, the software is easy to use and quickly provides the information you need, when you need it.


Tensor is a leading UK designer, manufacturer, installer and systems integrator of smart card and biometric based Access Control, Visitor Monitoring and Employee Time and Attendance Management systems, as well as CCTV, ANPR and facial recognition systems.

  • Solution Name : Tensor.NET
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation 2 with Temperature Detection, FaceLite, BioEntry P2, XPass 2 and all other BioStar 2 compatible devices (Except for CST)
  • Supported S.W version : Tensor.NET Version 4.4.x.x. and above

Tensor.NET is a world-class, web-enabled Time & Attendance and Integrated Security Management System.
It combines the requirements of Time and Attendance, Access Control, Visitor Control, Identification, Rostering and Job Costing, with our fast Smart Card and biometrics electronics, to create the ultimate Time Management and Security system.
Built with the latest .NET software technology, Tensor.NET is a fully integrated, modular and scalable solution that helps organizations better manage and protect employees, ensure superior site security and regulatory compliance.


  • Integration Type : Video log for BioStar 2
  • Website :
  • Tools : The Suprema Arteco configuration application
  • Suprema Platform : BioStar 2

Founded in 1987, Arteco is a global provider of event-driven intelligence solutions based in Faenza, Italy, with operations in Italy, USA, South Africa, Mexico and Argentina. With a focus on ease of use and event management, Arteco’s research and development initiatives have united world-class, state-of-the-art video analytics and video management onto a single-platform to optimize processes and reduce costs. Arteco provides a wide range of software and network hardware solutions that integrate with third-party systems such as video surveillance, video management and access control. Arteco products are available through certified integrator partners around the world.

TouchStar ATC

suprema partner Touchstar ATC

TouchStar Access, Time, CCTV (ATC), are a UK provider of access control, time and attendance and CCTV solutions. Our systems help companies overcome the challenges associated with managing the daily flow of people, monitoring high security areas, tracking resources and recording personnel attendance.

  • Solution Name : Fastlane
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : FaceStation F2, FaceLite
  • Software Version : Fastlane 2.1.0

Designed as a powerful back-end solution for Time and Attendance applications, Fastlane provides the mechanism that facilitates device integration into HR, Payroll and other core systems.


suprema partner Touchstar ATC

EasySecure International, established in 2005, is a specialist when it comes to identity management. In the first 10 years, several awards were won in the field of innovation. The number of users grew to over 10,000 in more than 20 countries. We expect to be operating in more than 50 countries in 10 years.
We have fully dedicated ourselves to the identity management market with a focus on innovation by using cloud software, biometrics and wireless applications.

  • Solution Name : Identity integration with Suprema
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : All Biostar2 compatible devices
  • Supported S.W version : EasySecure Software all versions

EasySecure International, founded in 2005, specializes in access control, time registration, attendance, project registration and visitor management.
With our solutions you can choose from a wide range of intelligent card readers, finger scans, facial recognition, numberplate registration, keypads, wireless cylinders and wireless door handles.
Registration is possible with your mobile phone, QR, numberplate card, tag, code, finger and / or face.
We focus on innovation by using cloud software, mobile applications, biometrics and wireless applications. We continuously invest in the latest technologies and the highest quality.

Inner Range

suprema partner Inner Range

Inner Range is a manufacturer of integrated Electronic Security and Access Control systems.  Founded in Melbourne Australia, Inner Range has over 30 years’ experience with more than 50,000 systems deployed globally.  Continuous investment in research and development has ensured that Inner Range products are at the leading edge of security and smart building technology.

  • Solution Name : Integriti Suprema Biometric Integration
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : All Biostar2 compatible devices
  • Supported S.W version : Integriti Professional v19 or higher

Integriti is an enterprise ready multi-site Access Control, Intruder Detection and Smart Building technology. It is capable of supporting millions of users and 100,000s of doors and detection points.
Integriti enables the management of an organization’s entire security operation from a single user interface. Integriti acts as a complete Security Management System and makes possible the integration of a variety of security and intelligent building sub-systems, such as Video Surveillance, Mobile Duress, Lighting, Intercom and Biometric devices.

The Integriti Suprema Biometric integration allows synchronisation and configuration of users and their biometric enrolment to a BioStar 2 web server. All enrolment, configuration and synchronisation-related aspects of this Integration are done through direct requests made to the BioStar 2 web server.


suprema partner ISS

Intelligent Security Systems, ISS, is a world leading developer of security surveillance and control systems through audio and video capture, recording, and analysis of patterns, of video images and digital data transmission.
ISS provides a comprehensive line of digital video surveillance solutions that are at the forefront of security, with the ability to be tailored to each project, allowing centralized command and control of an entire enterprise security network in a single place.
The ISS experience has advanced algorithms that provides a level of intelligence and analytics that was available only for government and military applications.

  • Solution Name : SecurOS™
  • Website :
  • Suprema Hardware : All BioStar 2 compatible devices
  • Supported S.W version : SecurOS V10.7+

The access controls integrated to BioStar2 can be monitored in a unified interface within the SecurOS Access Control Module, from which, through the visualization in maps, log of events or lists of devices, they can also be managed, allowing the opening or closing in real time by arrangement of the operator. Through the different display interfaces, operators can enter more information regarding the events that occurred.
Additionally, with the use of facial recognition analytics and license plate reading, it is possible to automate access controls to accelerate income and expenses, as well as keep a record of people or vehicles.

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