BioMini SDK for Android

The BioMini SDK for Android enables software developers and system integrators to combine a high level security of fingerprint-based solution to their Android applications. Suprema's latest range of high-performance optical fingerprint scanner certified by FBO PIV and FIPS 201 can be used for Android applications.
  • World's most reliable fingerprint algorithm: Top results in NIST MINEX tests and FVC
  • NIST Certified interoperable template/image format standards(ISO19794-2/ISO19794-4/ANSI-378)
  • Image compression standard(WSQ)
  • FIPS 201 certified template generator & matcher
  • Fingerprint templates compatible with Suprema’s scanners
SDK for Android
Fingerprint algorithm library for Android
Sample application program with source code (Java library with JNI)
BioMini Slim Scanner
Tested Devices
  • Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 / Slate 7 Extreme / Nexus 7 2013 / Galaxy Tab 8.3
  • Galaxy S5 / LG G Pad 8.3 / Dell Venue 7 / Galaxy Note 3 / Sony Xperia Z2
System Requirements
  • Android Version : Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean / API Level 17) or above
  • H/W Requirement : Quad-Core 1.7GHz, RAM 2GB
  • Supported platform : ARMeabi / ARMeabi-V7a / x86
  • Supported programming language : Java (Java library with JNI)
  • Supported scanner : BioMini Slim, BioMini, SFU-S20, SFU-300
Version SDK for Android
Template Size 1024 Bytes (Configurable)
Enrollment Time > 0.3 sec
Verification Time > 0.1 sec
Matcher 1:1
Identification Time -
Programming Languages -
Database -
Encryption -
Supported Platform Android Version 4.1
Jelly Bean/API Level 17 or above

PC/Network Security
Smartcard Application
Time and Attendance System
Public Application
Health and Medical