BioStation 2

BioStation 2 incorporates the latest Suprema
technology in a beautiful exterior. It combines a
new powerful processor, Suprema’s next
generation optical sensor and improved
fingerprint sensing & capturing algorithm to offer
unrivaled performance. BioStation 2 provides
users with instant authentication and rapid data
transfer to manage high volume data with ease.
It is ideal for applications that require versatility
without compromise in style and performance.

Meet the new
standard in biometrics

Instant Matching & Authentication

BioStation 2 is designed to provide
matching & authentication in an instant.
Leveraging the powerful hardware and
sophisticated algorithms, the device can
match and authenticate up to 20,000
fingerprints per second.

Massive Memory Capacity

BioStation 2 offers a massive memory capacity
to handle large number of users. The device can
manage up to 1,000,000 fingerprint templates,
which translates to 500,000 maximum users that
is equivalent to the population of a large metro
area such as Miami. Additionally, BioStation 2
can hold up to 3,000,000 logs for backup in
case of a connection loss to server in order to
safely guard all records.
  • TEMPLATES 1,000,000
  • LOGS 3,000,000
  • MAX USER 500,000

Rapid Data Transfer

BioStation 2 features Rapid Data Transfer that drastically improves the transfer
spped of user and log data. The device can send user data that includes large
biometric data at a rate of 5,000 users per min. 5,000 BIOMETRIC USER DATA / min.

Next Generation Optical Sensor

The new sensor in BioStation 2 enables the device to capture and process much
clearer fingeprint images under less-than-ideal conditions. The new sensor offers
excellent wet and dry fingeprint capture performance that allows the device to be
used even in harsh environments.

IP65 Weather Proof

BioStation 2 features an IP65 certified weather
proof exterior. IP65 protection allows system
designers to place the terminal in both indoor
and outdoor environments.

Versatile Interface

BioStation 2 features standard TCP/IP
and RS485 interfaces for main
communication between devices and the
server. It also supports traditional RS232,
USB, and Wiegand interfaces to provide
maximum versatility. BioStation 2 features
built-in WiFi and Power-over-Ethernet for
flexible installation options.
Distributed Access Control Systems
Main Biometric Fingerprint
IP Rating IP65
RF Option 125KHz EM
125KHz HID Prox
13.56MHz Mifare/DesFire/DesFire EV1/Felica/NFC
13.56MHz iClass SE
Multi-Controller Yes
Capacity Max. User (1:1) 500,000
Max. User (1:N) 20,000
Max. Template (1:1) 1,000,000
Max. Template (1:N) 40,000
Max. Text Log 3,000,000
Max. Image Log -
Interface WiFi Yes
RS-485 1ch Host or 1ch Slave
RS-232 Yes
Wiegand 1ch In
1ch Out
Input 2 Inputs
Relay 1 Relay
USB Host
SD Card Slot -
Hardware CPU 1.0GHz RISC
Memory 256MB RAM + 8GB Flash
LCD 2.8" Color
LED Indicator Multi-Color
Sound 16bit Hi-Fi
Operating Temp. -20° to 50°C
Tamper Yes
Power 12VDC
PoE Yes
Dimensions 142 x 144 x 45 (WxHxD mm)
Certificates CE, FCC, KC, RoHS, REACH, WEE
Compatibility BioStar 1.x Yes
BioStar 2 Yes

Secure I/O 2

Power Adapter

Plastic Stand