Case Study

UAE Utility Service Enhances Time and Attendance System over Its Emirate-wide Operations


With its rapid development and booming economy since the beginning of 21st century, the United Arab Emirates has been overwhelmed by foreign workers who seek better career opportunities and quality of life and workforce management has been a key operational issue for many organizations across the Emirates. Sharjah Emirate is the 3rd largest Emirate in UAE with nearly 2 million population and forming Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area which marks the largest economy in the Middle East. Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority(SEWA), Sharjah’s sole utility service provider, has also witnessed consecutive huge development with the rise of UAE economy. SEWA distributes and generates electricity, water and (piped natural) gas to the nationals and residents of the Sharjah Emirate. SEWA operates 29 branches and offices and employs more than 5,000 staffs including contractors across the Emirate. 


The Human Resources and IT department in SEWA takes its responsibility to provide a solid time and attendance solution to its employees in scattered locations across the Sharjah emirates. As usually found in larger organizations, long queues are formed upon time and attendance terminals in every lobby in the mornings as well as closing time. Finding ways to timely process sign-in’s and outs for over 5,000 employees are major challenges for SEWA but with their existing legacy biometric time attendance system, process time was slow enough to raise concern from SEWA management as well as its employees.


After a series of detailed consultation with ScreenCheck Middle East, a Suprema’s exclusive partner in UAE, SEWA upgrades its existing time and attendance system to Suprema’s BioStation A2, a flagship fingerprint terminal along with BioStar 2 management software for device/user management, and TimeCheck software for time and attendance management. 85 units of Suprema BioStation A2 units were installed across 29 locations in the Emirate of Sharjah and over 5,000 employees are registered on the system. The solution perfectly integrated to Oracle E-Business Suite, SEWA’s ERP system which delivers accurate employee work hours to the payroll applications. With the BioStation A2’s Android-based fully customizable GUI, HR and Administration Departments now enjoy displaying important employee notices and memorandums on BioStation A2’s LCD screen. “The key reason for us to choose Suprema solution was the performance which significantly shortens the sign-in time during     peak hours. Even having more than 5,000 employees registered in a single device, there's been no compromise in performance. In addition, remote management and configuration of fingerprint terminals from BioStar 2 are very helpful to improve our operational efficiency,” said Sayed Tousifur Rahman, Head of Information Technology at SEWA.


Faster sign-in processing time
With the BioStation A2’s exceptional fingerprint matching. performance and user capacity, SEWA employees now enjoy far-reduced waiting time during peak hours in the morning and closing time. 

Ease of system control and management
SEWA IT personnel now can remotely manage, control and configure time and attendance devices across 29 scattered locations across Sharjah Emirate.

Employee notice over the device
Not only providing the user-friendly interface, BioStation A2 also enables administrators to customize and display employee notices and messages on the screen.

Bespoke system design and seamless integration
Screencheck Middle East provided comprehensive consultation, bespoke system design and close support at the local level. With its years’ of expertise in Suprema systems, ScreenCheck Middle East achieved spotless project completion along with its own time and attendance software, TimeCheck.