Press Release

Suprema goes wireless with BioMini Slim S fingerprint scanner

Suprema, Inc., a leading global provider of biometrics and ID solutions, today announced that the company will reveal its ground-breaking fingerprint authentication scanner featuring ultra-slim sensor and wireless technology at Trustech 2016 on November 29.

The new FAP20-compliant BioMini Slim S fingerprint scanner provides a number of industry-leading features under its sleek design. Featuring range-leading powerful 1.0GHz CPU, BioMini Slim S provides high-speed extraction and matching of fingerprints on the scanner.

To improve user convenience, BioMini Slim S now supports true plug-n-play by featuring HID(human interface device) protocol. HID protocol enables users to scan fingers immediately after physical connection of USB plug without any set-up or installation steps. BioMini Slim S also provides enhanced versatility with pre-loaded web-server hence enables users to operate web-based applications from their mobile devices or PCs regardless of their OS type.

BioMini Slim S comes with wireless model to provide enhanced mobility in operation. The wireless model supports seamless WiFi(IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) communication with bitrate up to 54Mbps and loaded with high-capacity rechargeable battery for easier operation. The new scanner has been designed to provide highest level of security available by providing on-device encryption of fingerprint templates as well as supporting security protocols including WiFi WPA2 and HTTPS.

Continued from its predecessors, BioMini Slim S also provides rugged IP65 rated dust and waterproof structure and equipped with latest 500dpi slim optical sensor featuring Suprema’s advanced LFD (Live Fingerprint Detection) technology to prevent spoofing frauds. Moreover BioMini Slim S maintains the highest standards by complying FBI PIV/FIPS201 and mobile ID FAP20 certifications and even enables users to capture fingerprints under harsh environmental conditions as well as direct sunlight up to 100,000 LUX.

 “In developing BioMini Slim S, we have clear focus to build best-in-class mobile scanners that outpaces competitors in all aspects,” said Bogun Park, head of ID Solutions Business at Suprema.

Suprema will make an exclusive showcase of BioMini Slim S scanner at Trustech 2016 and the scanner will be available for sale from December 2016. To experience more on BioMini Slim S, please book a demo at below link or visit Suprema stand (Palais 01 H033) at Trustech 2016.