Distributed System

Access Control and Time
& Attendance Management

In distributed systems, IP terminal and readers perform the roles of a controller and reader simultaneously.
Therefore, you can undertake functions such as user managemecontrol management, and biometrics with a single terminal. Suprema's IP terminals and readers improve system reliability with nt, access easy system configuration and distributed management. It also provides the benefits of simple wiring and low installation/maintenance costs.
Elevator Control
Grants floor access rights to users
and controls the floor buttons in the
Easy System Connectivity &
Easy Maintenance
Distributed systems provide easy
system connectivity and easy
Access Control and Time &
Attendance Management
Provides a wide range of access control
and time & attendance management
features and also supports mobile cards.
Outstanding Performance &
Contactless Authentication
Provides superior performance
based on the world's best biometric
algorithms and hardware as well
as the benefits of contactless
authentication via FaceStation 2.

Press Release

Suprema ID Receives STQC/UIDAI Level 0 Certification for BioMini Plus 2 Fingerprint Authentication Scanner

Case Study

True Identity Ensures Fairness & Integrity for Tanzania Immigration