Suprema Training Program

Suprema offers a variety of training options to help you learn Suprema products without a barrier. The training programs are designed not only for beginners but also for system integrators and advanced learners. Also, in order to overcome distance and time difference, Suprema provides a local visiting program to serve you and your partners and customers better.


Suprema Training Steps:

Suprema certified instructors provide training programs which cover from base line to advanced contents. You can choose the session based on your level of knowledge and experience, and make a growth by taking a series of training sessions provided through the Suprema Webinar portal site.   


How to attend a Suprema Webinar session?

Free webinar training session is held regularly. The registration is managed through a dedicated Webinar portal site.

Visit the Suprema webinar center through the below link, and check the upcoming available sessions, and register a session you want to attend. The Webinar invitation will be delivered to your registered email account shortly.


Suprema Webinar Center


Want to learn more in person?

Suprema can deliver customized training sessions to meet your specific needs. We can offer tailored training program, such as dealer conference or Suprema seminar for your installers and resellers at your location with your help of the event organization. Or, you can visit Suprema HQ to receive an intensive one or two days of the training session.

The visiting training program requires prior discussion on the scope and the methods of the way to implement the event. Please contact us for more information and consultation at