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BioSign 2.0

World's Best Mobile Fingerprint
Authentication Algorithm

Suprema BioSign™is optimized iteration of Suprema's world best biometric algorithm
developed for mobile devices to ovver unrivalled recognition accuracy and
ultra-quick authentication performance while accommodating multiple sensor sizes.


• 2-stage fast matching algorithm with patented “Entropy Point Pairing” method
• Optimal architecture for mobile embedded applications
• Hardware independent: free from hardware acceleration (ARM-NEON / GPU / DSP)
• No floating point arithmetic and all codes are fully written in C/C++


• Enhanced robustness to the variation/distortion of fingerprints by Suprema’s patented technologies
• Reconstruction of discriminative fingerprint patterns from various noises
• Unique pattern analysis technique to ensure consistent performance over low-quality fingerprints
(wet/dry skin, partial wound, crease)


• Intelligent self-learning algorithm to reflect users’ fingerprint condition and habit
• Highly compressive template to cover full finger area and variations
• Smart template management to enable algorithm to deal with variation and habit of user


• Sensor-specific pre-processing algorithm ( capacitive / optical / under glass (up to 300um))
• Sensor independent features and patterns
• Satisfactory FRR even with smallest sensor size (13 mm2)
• No dependency to the sensor shapes (square/rectangle)


The world’s fastest, most accurate
mobile fingerprint technology ever

BioSign 2.0 provides unrivaled authentication performance through advanced machine learning algorithm. The ultra-fast
matching speed can even be achieved with mid-to-low range smartphone processors with the highest security while
ensuring the lowest false acceptance rate (FAR)

When speed matters

Matching speed more than twice as
faster as the leading competitor

Take the most secure

solution available today

45% to 70% lower FRR than
major players

A technology gets

smarter with use

Self-learning algorithm to reflect
user’s changing habits and conditions.

Sensor Compatibility

BioSign 2.0 allows greater design flexibility

by supporting various sensor form-factors

BioSign 2.0 ensures the best performance regardless of sensor types

from conventional capacitive to latest under-glass sensors

Efficiency & Integration

In-depth Intelligent Fingerprint Pattern Analysis Requiring Minimal Computing Resources

BioSign 2.0 offers uncompromising security with the lowest error rate. Using Suprema’s proprietary biometric technologies, from pre-processing, feature extraction, to matching stages, BioSign 2.0 provides the maximum level of security with minimal processor and memory usage.

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