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Suprema Embedded Fingerprint Modules offers accuracy and high quality
with World's best Suprema fingerprint algorithm 백그라운드 제품 이미


Suprema is world's top high performance fingerprint module developer and producer. Modules are based on Suprema fingerprint algorithm that is considered best in the world and offers industry best accuracy and high quality. Suprema continues to develop latest biometric technology and applies to the modules that can be used in multiple fields.


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SFM Series


Suprema Fingerprint Modules are designed to provide biometric security solution to developers and manufacturers for integration with various application as access control, time attendance, mobile device, kiosks, safes and so on. Loaded with multi award-winning Suprema Algorithm, SFM Series offers powerful verification performance and versatile external interfaces.

  • SFM6000 Series

    SFM6000 Series represents a great leap forward in biometrics. It boasts a powerful 1.0GHz CPU that empowers the worlds’ fastest authentication and supports multiple interfaces including RS232 and USB2.0 that allow high-speed data transfer. With enlarged template capacity up to 25,000 templates, SFM6000 Series is the perfect solution for a large-scaled yet fast authentication.

  • SFM5500 Series

    SFM5500 is a high-end standalone fingerprint module equipped with versatile external interface including RS232, RS422/485, Wiegand, Digital I/O and LED Control, readily applicable to access control applications. SFM5500 offers comprehensive functionalities and interfaces to be used as a complete standalone fingerprint access reader by itself.

  • SFM5000 Series

    SFM5000 is the latest UniFinger module equipped with world’s leading fingerprint authentication algorithm, which ranked No. 1 in FVC2004, 2006 and ongoing. The SFM5000 series features powerful 533MHz DSP which optimized for performance while minimizing power consumption

  • SFM4000 Series

    SFM4000 is a compact, power efficient module that is simple to integrate with various system applications. The module offers flexible supply voltage, integrated power management, small footprint, and voltage detector functions. SFM4000 is specially designed for lock and safe manufacturers look for an inexpensive, reliable biometric solution with extra low power-consumption and compact size.

  • SFM3000 Series

    SFM3000 is a cost effective fingerprint identification module equipped with essential part for fingerprint identification and template storage. SFM3000 is suitable for most of the applications where it processes fingerprint recognition and host controller is used to handle other operations. The communication between SFM3000 and host controller is done by packet protocol through CMOS level serial interface.




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