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  Suprema Inc., a leading fingerprint solution provider, announced the official release of its new products, BioEntry™ series: BioEntry™ Smart and BioEntry™ Pass.

BioEntry is an advanced biometric access reader equipped with award winning fingerprint recognition engine and standard wiegand interface. BioEntry can practically replace legacy and simple readers and be instantly added onto existing access control systems as well as new installations.

BioEntry Smart is a fingerprint smart card reader that seamlessly integrates fingerprint and smart card reader into one device. BioEntry Pass is a fingerprint access reader equipped with fast one to many fingerprint identification engine. Following the unique feature of Suprema's famous UniFinger fingerprint identification modules, BioEntry also provides customers with multiple choices of fingerprint sensors including optical, capacitive and thermal sensors.
"Through its pre-marketing at IFSEC 2005 and ISC West 2005, our brand-new BioEntry has created considerable attraction from potential customers looking for reliable and affordable biometric access readers." said Mr. Lee, CEO of Suprema Inc.
"BioEntry Smart is designed to replace existing access readers like proximity or magnetic readers without additional wiring. Fingerprint template is stored in each user's smart card and there is no need to store fingerprint data in a reader itself. This eliminates the burden of template management and networking readers.” he added, "BioEntry Pass is a convenient fingerprint access reader that enables fast and reliable fingerprint identification. Enrolled with more than hundreds of users, identification can be done in less than one second."

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Suprema Inc., announced the release of UniFinger SFM3550-TC standalone fingerprint modules as a new addition to the UniFinger SFM series modules.
UniFinger SFM3550-TC is a high performance standalone fingerprint recognition module equipped with Suprema's FVC2004 winning fingerprint recognition algorithm and UPEK's high quality fingerprint sensor. 
The new module supports a wide range of external interface including RS232, RS422/485, Wiegand and programmable digital I/O. It also has a capability of administration and transaction log management. The feature of SFM3550-TC makes it suitable for complete standalone access control applications without additional microcontroller board.

"The release of SFM3550-TC completes the full offering of UniFinger SFM series fingerprint modules composed of two processor board types, SFM3000 and SFM3500, and five fingerprint sensors from leading sensor vendors like Atmel, Authentec and Upek.” said Mr. James Lee, president and CEO of Suprema Inc. He added "We are now more well prepared to satisfy various kinds of customer's needs and requirements by offering a wide open choice of fingerprint modules and sensors with different features. This will strengthen our position as a market leader in standalone fingerprint recognition modules."

Suprema's UniFinger SFM series modules are embedded solutions incorporating fingerprint sensor and processing board with built-in recognition algorithm. The modules can store more than thousands of fingerprints in its internal memory and provides a full features of biometric functions including enrollment, 1 to 1 verification and 1 to many identification. The hardware and software interface of the UniFinger module is designed simple enough to allow OEM manufacturers to integrate the module within a few hours effort.

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SFM modules support Network Packet Protocol for a host to send a command to a specific module in networked environments. However, Network Packet Protocol is inefficient for sending same commands to all the modules. For example, if there are 20 readers in a network and the host wants to enroll a template to all of them, it should send ET command 20 times. Since firmware V1.4, SFM3000/3500 modules incorporate Broadcast Packet Protocol for handling these cases.

ID: 0x00)
1 to N

Comparison of Packet Protocols

The packet structure of Broadcast Packet Protocol is same as that of Network Packet Protocol. The only difference is that the Terminal ID should be 0x00. From a module ' s point of view, Broadcast Packet Protocol is also same as Network Packet Protocol, except that it should not send response packets. Since modules share data lines in typical RS422 and RS485 networks, packet collision would occur without this constraint. Due to this restriction, Broadcast Packet Protocol is not adequate for some commands which read information form modules. For example, it is meaningless to send SR command with Broadcast Packet Protocol. On the other hand, such command as SW and ET can make good use of Broadcast Packet Protocol. The following figure shows the data flow of Broadcast Packet Protocol in comparison with other protocols.

Data Flow of Broadcast Packet Protocol

Another requirement of network environments is that a host should know which modules participate in the network. Without this information, the host cannot use Network Packet Protocol at all. To address this problem, a new command - ID(0x85) - is added to Broadcast Packet Protocol. ID is the only command to which modules send response packets. To alleviate the probability of packet collision, modules wait for random delay before sending responses. And the host should repeat ID commands until no module responds. Please refer to the Packet Protocol Manual for exact syntax of ID command.

written by Simon Lee / Chief Software Engineer
  IREVO is the leading provider of digital door lock systems in Korea and supplies its “Gateman” products to many renowned constructing companies such as LG construction, SK construction, Samsung heavy industrial construction and many others.
IREVO's Gateman MB 740 Digital Door Lock using Suprema's SFM3010-FC module now features a fingerprint scanner that replaces pin codes and improve advanced security level as well as convenience
Suprema will go forward with our customers with hand in hand to get our common goals at any time, in anywhere if you need our help because your success is our pride.  
Suprema released a new firmware of version 1.3.1 for its SFM3500 standalone fingerprint identification modules. Content of revision of the new firmware is as follows:

1. Free scan Delay system parameter is added.
2. The following bugs are fixed.
  • When enroll mode is two times II or two templates II, ADD_NEW option does not work.
  • When an input port is set to NO_ACTION, IG command does not work.
  • After a broadcast packet is processed, normal packet protocol - 13 bytes packet without network ID - is not handled properly.

    The new firmware V1.3.1 can be downloaded from Customer Download section of Suprema's website. The new firmware applies only to SFM3500 series and not compatible with SFM3000.
    Suprema will keep going to do this updating service to our precious customers in order to try to look at the things from the customers' point of view all the time.
    If you have further inquiry or questions while you are down loading, please contact our tech support team any time as follows; support@supremainc.com
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